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Stubbing not required but an option


June 16, 2008 12:01 pm





My last blog caused some confusion and concern about Stubbing in GroupWise.

Stubbing in GroupWise, which is being developed by the Novell GroupWise engineering team, will not be a requirement to be used by all installations of GroupWise.

Its purpose is to give the option to some organizations that have very large GroupWise databases to be able to move that data off to a 3rd party archving platform like Retain from GWAVA.

This frees up data out of the GroupWise database, puts it somewhere else, and allows the active GroupWise data to be more stable and have a faster response.

GroupWise systems are already recognized for being robust and superior in scalability to Exchange, but even GroupWise systems begin to feel the need to go lean when their databases are approaching Terabytes in size.

Richard Bliss for more commentary on all things GroupWise

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  1. By:dnicoll

    I guess I wouldn’t expect Richard to mention that the development of Stubbing for GroupWise was ably assisted by Messaging Architects who worked alongside the GroupWise development team to get this feature into Bonsai.

    Needless to say the integration between GroupWise stubbing and Messaging Architects archiving solution will be pretty neat, as those that saw the implementation of it at BrainShare will testify.

    • By:jmarton

      …do you expect Richard to give a “fair and balanced” opinion? 🙂

      Way to go TMA! I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of your collaboration with Novell in getting stubbing added to Bonsai.