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October 30, 2008 10:38 am





To stub or to stop to stub ? That’s the hot question, since Richard Bliss posted it on Cool Solutions.

AFAIK three solutions do this (already).
Silverdane’s Archive Enterprise Edition
GWAVA Retain
Messaging Architects M+Archive

Follow the discussion on the NGW List.

Read Richard Bliss post on Cool Solutions earlier this year.

Read the interview with Silverdane on earlier this year.

Shall I stop or stub more … ? 😉

The irony is that if you do a search for it in the GroupWise 8 documentation, you get “Your search for “stubbing” returned no results” …

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  1. By:dnicoll

    I think you will find that only M+Archive integrates with the new stubbing API for GW8.

    Silverdane uses a C3PO to achieve “pseudo-stubbing” – which complicates deployment somewhat, and I have no idea what GWAVA’s Retain uses.

    • By:cwakely

      SilverDane does not do ‘pseudo-stubbing’. The C3PO is optional and not required for stubbing at all.

      The stubbing only uses the C3PO on the Windows client and provides additional functionality.
      SilverDane’s stubbing is cross platform and is available on GroupWise for Windows, WebAccess, Mac, Linux, IMAP clients and mobile devices.

      Stubbed messages do not require the GroupWise post office to be available in order to access them.

      They have had stubbing since 2006 and their product is mature and reliable.

      Deployment is simple and effective, and their team is so easy to deal with.

      We stub at 180 days and expire our stubs after 365 days.

      • By:dnicoll

        OK so let me be clear what we are talking about here.

        Full blown GroupWise stubbing is an integrated part of GroupWise 8. It operates via the GroupWise 8 Windows Client and the GroupWise back end (take a look at your GW System Preferences and PO settings in ConsolOne if you don’t believe me! You’ll see back end settings for Archive Services which are the connection to the stubbing service of the Archive solution)

        So… if in SilverDane “Stubbed messages do not require the GroupWise post office to be available in order to access them”.. then it is not using the built-in GroupWise stubbing but using a third party implementation of stubbing – hence my term “pseudo-stubbing”.

        GroupWise stubbing does not require ANY additional software to be deployed on client workstations in order to access stubebd items from the archive store from the GroupWise 8 Windows client.. it fetches the data via the GroupWise back end which in turn fetches it from the archiving solution which is linked via the GW8 stubbing API.

        So whilst I do not doubt that Silverdane does “stubbing” it does not do “GroupWise Stubbing”, i.e. the stubbing functionality built in to the GroupWise 8 system.

        It is the deployment of any software onto GW client workstations that is a pain. Organisations want to get stubbing from the GW Windows client without any C3PO’s or other software deployment. That’s what you get with the combination of M+Archive and GW8.