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Ready to jump in and make your presence known at Cool Solutions? Here’s how you can get involved and get started earning those delightful Novell Rewards points :

How to Submit an Article, Tip, or Tool for Publication

To submit content for publication on Cool Solutions you first need to create a Novell Login account. Just click on Login at the top of the page, click on Create an Account, and follow all the instructions.

Once you’ve created your Novell Login account and logged into Cool Solutions, you simply click Create Content found on the right side of the page under the My Links section. Choose “AppNote”, “Feature Article”, “Technical Tip”, or “Tool” to submit content. If you have images you’d like to include, just click File Attachments and follow the instructions.

The information you submit will be queued up for our editors to review. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you.

Submission Guidelines

There’s nothing like advice from someone who has been there, done that, and we are eager to read your contributions.

What are we looking for? Here are a few guidelines that will help you know how to prepare a submission that we can use:

  • Technical accuracy. Doh!
  • Tell us, in detail, how you’re using web analytics to make large and small decisions.
  • Be specific, and be educational. Tell us exactly how you did something specific – don’t just tell us that you did something cool.
  • If you’ve learned something NOT to do, tell us about it. The School of Hard Knocks is often better than an MBA program.
  • Pictures help a lot. Give us all the help you can in understanding exactly what you’re talking about. (You can just upload them by clicking File Attachments during the Create Content process.
  • Numbered steps and bulleted lists are easy to write and easy to follow. Use them whenever it makes sense.
  • Submissions must be original work of submitter.


  • Don’t try to sell something. If you are a vendor with something to sell, we have a Shameless Plugs section for you. Use the Contact Us link in the footer to send us items for that section.
  • Don’t send us SPAM.
  • Don’t be mean. Bad-mouthing a competitor, your employer, or anyone else is just plain rude, and has no place in our community. (You can say things that are critical, but you have to be civilized about it.)

For complete details about what Novell can do with your submissions, be sure to read the fine print in the Terms, Conditions, and Notices.

If you have any questions about the submission process, or you have difficulty with it, just use the Contact Us link and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Best of all, you will earn Novell Rewards points every time we publish one of your submissions, and you can save them up and redeem them for some excellent prizes (stuff like iPods, cool gadgets, even a Hawaiian cruise!). If you have the need for instant gratification, you can redeem your points right away for things like Novell t-shirts.

Be sure to read the Acceptable Use Policy before you start posting, so you’ll know what to expect.

Comment on Articles

Agree or disagree passionately with something you read on Cool Solutions? Don’t just sit there – post a comment, and rate the article while you’re at it. The more feedback we can get about the stories we post, the better. Not only can we correct mistakes and clarify confusing pieces, we can also make sure that you get more of the stuff you like, and less of the stuff that leaves you cold.

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