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Success Story: Tafe Tasmania



March 20, 2007 4:08 am





As the largest training provider in this Australian State, TAFE Tasmania offers training through 80 delivery teams, with assistance from corporate and learning support teams which operate in approximately 30 industry sectors across Tasmania. In addition to providing training at its 21 sites across the region, TAFE Tasmania also delivers around 50 percent of training in conjunction with employers at their offices.


As a leading vocational trainer, TAFE Tasmania wanted to incorporate the latest technologies to provide staff and students with a secure and stable IT environment. As the amount of multimedia content, including presentations and videos, increased exponentially, so did its need to securely access and exchange rich data via e-mail. With only 21 IT staff supporting 2,100 employees and more than 28,000 student accounts across 21 dispersed locations, TAFE’s IT team struggled to allocate the appropriate skilled resources to troubleshoot problems which were compounded by e-mail and media-rich file sharing across multiple sites.

TAFE Tasmania also had an issue with the amount of time that IT staff spent on retrieving prematurely or mistakenly deleted e-mails. Retrieving lost e-mails could take weeks as the IT team had to take down the live system to recover the entire database.

Novell Solution

As part of its evaluation of collaboration software, TAFE Tasmania considered Microsoft* Exchange but found that the costs, time and resources required were too great. The organization ultimately opted to implement Novell GroupWise to provide secure anytime, anywhere access to e-mail.

TAFE Tasmania implemented Novell GroupWise on Microsoft Windows* XP machines for its 2,100 staff located across Tasmania. Novell GroupWise provides the institution with 100 percent uptime and reduces the amount of time spent on e-mail recovery as it is no longer necessary to take down the live database to retrieve deleted e-mails.

GroupWise WebAccess also accelerated user adoption, giving users access to e-mail from any location with a standard Web browser. The easy to use Windows-like interface increased the number of Web client users and improved collaboration as employees can now share information when away from the office. The low-bandwidth option also speeds up access time for many of TAFE’s staff who still use dial-up lines for Internet access from home.


Novell GroupWise also helped reduce IT staff frustration and increased user satisfaction. Helpdesk requests to retrieve mistakenly deleted e-mails can now be resolved in as little as one to two days, versus several weeks. TAFE can also accommodate more concurrent Web users, and the server no longer crashes.

“With Novell GroupWise, users can easily access e-mail remotely and get quicker turnaround time on e-mail requests,” said Matt Gray, Regional Team Leader Customer Support,
IT Support and Infrastructure for TAFE Tasmania. “Users can categorize and prioritize their e-mail which has increased user satisfaction, and features like the additional PDA support are saving us tons of money.”

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