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Swim across the Atlantic Ocean


April 12, 2007 5:53 am





Two weeks ago Ted Haeger gave some insight on the thoughts behind the Mac-PC-Linux videos. Somehow the videos got over a million views so they seemed to be quite successful. But how do you get over a million views? Well it’s due to the fact that people tell others, mention it in blog posts and it might even be discussed on Slashdot, it’s all the magic of communities on the Internet.

It’s interesting to see how companies more and more try to use the Internet to get some attention for their product, putting their commercials on YouTube or create funny thing’s on the web and just hope that people will refer to it. Somehow Google has been able to get lots of attention through e-mails that showed some funny places on Google Earth.

Yesterday someone send me a mail with some info on how to avoid expensive flights between Europe and the US. Great info:

Just adding the route “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean” must have given them millions of hits. People telling friends, forwarding e-mails and even writing about it on their blog (like me :-)). Sometimes it’s too easy, you just have to come up with a smart idea.

OK, now go write an e-mail telling all your friends you saw this cool post on Cool Blogs 😀

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  1. Would it be too recursive (and self-serving) for me to tell people about the post, seeing as my name is in it. Oh, the conundrums…

  2. By:FlyingGuy


    I have just returned from Italy after spending some lovely and well earned vacation time in Umbria. I was googling directions from the town of Spello back to Rome to catch my flight along with my familly. Just for fun I gogled Directions from San Francico to Rome and found the very same thing. We all had a good laugh and wondered just what one does when your young and rich and working for Google. Now we know.