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Syncing BlackBerry Devices without BES



January 15, 2008 8:36 am






We are running GroupWise 7 SP2 and have used the PDAConnect successfully for Palm devices. I don’t see where it is compatible with a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (or any BlackBerry). Without using BES, can the device sync to GroupWise through the PC? I read where it may be possible just using the BlackBerry desktop software.



The Blackberry Desktop software comes with Intellisync, which works fine with GroupWise.


1. When you install the BB Desktop Software, choose to use the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). Follow the prompts and let it finish installing.

2. Go to the provider’s website and search for BlackBerry Internet Service.

For AT&T it is here:

For T-Mobile it is here:

You will need the phone number, PIN and IMEI of the device. Create an account for your user and keep that information handy! You’ll be doing the updating. Once the account is created, then you can add an email address. You can add up to four, I think. Once that is done, a message will be sent to the device indicating that mail will start flowing in about 20 minutes.

Calendar and Address Book will have to be synced manually with the Desktop Manager software. The Address book will want to sync Frequent contacts, but you can force it to sync individual address books. There is a document for doing that on BlackBerry’s KB.

Note: Some newer devices force you to do the email integration from the device. Go to the Personal Email Setup Icon and follow the prompts. Sometimes that is under Options on the device.

Hope this helps. I supported numerous BB devices this way before we got out BES.

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