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Consultants Corner: Quick Tip: Tuning Tips for SLES11 on VMWare running GroupWise

Gregg Hinchman


June 17, 2014 5:01 pm



Many times I am asked for tuning tips/tricks for running GroupWise on SLES11 in a VMWare environment. But as I think about the wording, really there is little tuning I do for GroupWise on any Operating System. More likely, I will tune the operating system for VMWare. Mind you it seems every linux jock has …

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How to create an integrated SLES11 SP1 + OES11 DVD image


November 9, 2011 8:59 am



Unless you’re using a network installation source when installing an OES server (which I can thoroughly recommend!) you will need to switch the SLES DVD for the OES one during the installation process.

As well as being inconvenient there are times when this can cause you some problems, most notably when you are installing an OES server in a virtual environment.

In this article I’ll go through the steps necessary to create a single DVD that contains both SLES11 SP1 and OES11 that you can use to install an OES11 server, physical or virtual, without having to change media.

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