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Teaching you to suck eggs?


August 22, 2006 3:04 pm





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This may be teaching you all to suck eggs but it’s one of those things that I just do without thinking about, and it may help a few more of you out there. When you download Novell patches (expect for the tar.gz or .rpm type of course) you need to double click them and wait an indeterminate amount of time for it to ‘Verify the security envelope’ before the extraction fails because you copied it to My Documents, or some other location with a long name.

Well WinRAR is able to open these archives and allows you to extract individual files.  Wahey, take that WinZip!  Hope that saves you all some time, especially with the big GroupWise and NetWare patches.

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  1. By:flyingGuy


    Now what the %#&$^ do I do about NW 6.5 Sp5 that wonet burn onto ONE (1) 700MB CD!

  2. By:Mr. Anderson


    Winrar can take care of tar.gz as well,..


    Mr. Anderson

  3. By:Ron van Herk

    Think Alex was excluding tar.gz from his comment about the long wait time and the fact that WinRAR can extract the exe files quickly.

  4. By:Grant

    This program is free and does it as well

  5. Pulling just one file from a patch…

    Alex Evans posted this nifty little advice on using [URL=””]WinRAR[/URL] to pull out just one file over at [url=]NOVELL: Cool Blogs » Blog ……

  6. By:David Rickard

    Here’s a crazy, beyond crazy idea! How about Novell tried using a slightly more recent compression system than ARJ!!! It really is about time the patches and other things came in proper ZIPs, RARs, 7ZIPs, whatever, or if they are self-extracting, they’ll do it in windows! Come on guys, we’ve had long file names for about 12 years now! If somebody won’t let you buy a Winzip Self-extractor licence, how about 7Zip? It can do Self-extractors, and the 7zip files are really small. Plus it’s Open Source, which fits in very nicely with Novell’s ethos these days.

    These stupid patches really are my least favourite Novell ‘feature’, by far! Console One being written in Java is number two 😉