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Teaming 2.0 is now available!


August 4, 2009 11:24 am





Quality: Our focus within the Collaboration engineering team has been on making sure each successive release of a product is always improved quality. We have been able to do this with several release of 7.0.x…including Hot Patches, we have done this with GroupWise 8 and we know that 8.0.1 will be even better. Novell Teaming is not exception. We have set very aggressive goals, expanded our test cases and test matrices and are now measuring Total Containment Effectiveness. Not only has the Teaming engineers exceeded almost all of the quality metrics for 2.0, but they have kept pace with the defect backlog as well. High quality, improved performance, more usable and even more integrated with GroupWise – makes Teaming 2.0 a must have!

As is with all of Novell’s Collaboration products, Novell Teaming 2.0 has been rolled out internally to our Teaming Server for the last several months and the final build over the last few weeks. As with most social enterprise products, the more people use it and collaborate through this tool, the more accelerated the social interactions within teams and between departments, business units and geographies become. Ideas are generated, expanded, utilized and protected.

Want to kick the tires? Novell has some awesome incentives and promotions around Teaming and GroupWise 8. Get the Teaming Starter Pack – 20 free user licenses so that you can find out for yourself how the Landing Pages, Relevance Dashboard and Micro-blogs will increase the communication and synergy within your teams. Watch the Novell Marketing announcements coming out this week and throughout the month of September that will provide further details and more options.

Novell Teaming 2 Starter Pack

Getting ready to upgrade to GroupWise 8? The integrations between the GroupWise Windows Client and Teaming allow your users a familiar interface and launch pad directly into Teaming 2.0 features like Team Calendars, Content Management, and custom forms and workflows. Tighter integrations are planned for 8.0.1 – which is still on schedule to ship at the end of the month! Teaming 2.0 is the foundation for a lot more GroupWise integrations – so get on board now…

Download your Teaming 2.0 copy here

The Teaming product has now entered a more accelerated release schedule. The next release of Teaming is code named ‘Cortez’ and has a very aggressive schedule. The engineering team is already engaged in the next round of features, enhancements and integrations. Our human factors specialists have begun to prototype user interactions that will influence future designs and ideas. We use Teaming to collaborate on this very topic!!!

Kempinski Hotels shows what Teaming can do for you!

Watch the video

Share your story: Please tell us how your team or organization is using Teaming or planning on using Teaming!! Also participate in the Open Source project called Kablink. There is a lot of activity planned over the next two months around this project and the community that is rapidly forming. See

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  1. By:ksmithatnovell

    The Novell Demo System team is pleased to announce a new release of CollaborationUTP.

    The refresh now includes Teaming Version 2. As well as the code update there have been several other enhancements like a collection of workflows and forms, Landing Page including JSP modules and widgets and many more.

    The demo files (CollaborationUTPAug09.part01.rar- CollaborationUTPAug09.part5.rar ) can be downloaded from the normal location


    Happy Demoing


  2. By:mickers

    I’d love to see a Teaming 2.0 Video on use within a College/University, similar to the Kempinski Hotels video above.

  3. By:Magic31

    Congrats Dean & Teaming dev team!

    We’ll be upgrading our sites to Teaming 2 and looking forward to the new features and combo with 8.0.1 (rolling up my sleeves as we speak)…

    Also good to hear GW’s 8.0.1 release is on track. That will be the queue for many customers to upgrade to 8!


  4. By:RogerIThomas

    First off, I have to say that the new release looks a lot cleaner than 1.x, but can you

    1) Be more open about the future improvment’s – with a time line. When V1 shipped I made the comment that Novell needs to be releasing new features every month or 2 rather than as part of some major 2 year cycle, but it seems that due to the near complete re-write a major cycle release is just what we ended up with and today there are less features than shipped in V1 – I know you have GW modules due soon but how about intergration with the rest of Novell’s product set.

    2) Ship a useable developer kit. As we have lost the underlying portal server and so support for portlets any third party work against this platform is going to need a lot more work and a lot more support from Novell and I would guess a lot more updates to build out the API. This is going to take a lot of commitment from Novell as this is now the 5th API we have had to worry about when it comes to a web ‘portal’ solution from Novell. The others being NPS, eXtend, iManager and T&C V1.



    • By:ecyoung

      For the portal solutions listed, you didn’t mention the IDM User Application. It’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? Keeps consultants in business, I guess.

  5. By:dlythgoe

    Forrester report published last week about Leadership in Collaboration!!
    See the press release from Novell that references this report…


  6. By:ekooter


    In the Teaming 2 docs its says mobile devices can access teaming 2. In another location, comparing cablink to Novell teaming it says mobile access is possible but not supported in the Novell version. . . When trying to access the server url for mobile access like mentioned in the docs it ssimply says: ” The teaming Mobile interface is not supported in Teaming V2″
    Will it be in there soon?
    This would be very usefull to Blackberry mobile users in our company.


    • By:dlythgoe


      Mobile support is scheduled to be released as part of “Cortez” – the next release of Teaming. The engineers are working towards a schedule for Cortez in December. Teaming is on a ‘no support pack, new features quick release’ schedule. We expect to update Teaming several times in the next year or so in order to give our customers new features and capability quickly.

      Mobility was one of the features that many of our engineers believed was probably ready for Teaming 2.0. Management felt that it needed a more robust QA pass and maybe some additional usability before we exposed it as a supported feature. That is the work that is being completed now. I’m fairly confident it will make the Cortez dates.


      • By:ekooter


        Thank you for your reply,

        Good to hear that there will be support for mobile in the (near) future; looking forward to see it!
        Will “Cortez” also be easier to customize to a corporate look and feel? Now it is quite easy to do some branding (like a logo), but changing the colours is more difficult; what I have found so far it means editing some jsp files, that might get overwritten in an update…..


      • By:trsmith

        The ability to customize the look and feel will not be updated in Cortez. This is something we plan to address as early as mid 2010. We are aware of this shortcoming and will be working to resolve this quickly. The key improvements being added in Cortez are:
        * Workspace/folder trashbin
        * Workspace Export/Import
        * User data quota
        * Mobile UI for web enabled phones (optimized for iPhone and Blackberry).
        * New Landing Page editor (graphical with drag and drop)
        * Adding Extension administration for adding, deleting, and viewing; this is used to help extend Teaming
        * NTLM authentication support
        * Bug fixes

        Early 2010 we’ll be providing a Teaming Connector that will enable syncing of Calendar and Task entries between Teaming and GW with lots more planned in 2010.