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Technology Preview of Moblin 2.0 beta from the Linux Foundation


May 22, 2009 9:55 am





Working with Intel and the Linux Foundation, Novell is providing users and developers with an opportunity to test drive the Moblin v2.0 beta. Designed to provide Netbook users with the best possible experience, Moblin delivers the applications that are most important for those of use who use this small form-factor computer to handle email, web browsing, social networking and multimedia tasks all on an interface designed for the netbook screen.

You can get this preview from openSUSE at

============== Very Important note!! =============
PLEASE NOTE: This technology preview using openSUSE will over-write any existing content on your netbook, so be certain that you first have a back-up and that your really want to have your system completely replaced by the Moblin preview.

Okay, so this will be lots of fun to play with, that’s a given. But as a developer why should you care? Netbooks are the fastest growing segment in the computer industry today and present developers with a great opportunity to deliver applications specifically tailored to the netbook form-factor that consumers are demanding.

The website ( has a couple of sections that will be of special interest to software developers. The Moblin SDK section ( is well organized and provides information for everything from setting up your development environment to the tools to use and some very good coding tutorials to help get you started.

There is also a section that links to the API documentation for many of the key libraries used in Moblin. This save you a lot of time tracking this information down. And if you’d like to take part in the development of Moblin, join the mailing list and the discussions on the various areas of the website.

Takes some time to check out this exciting new concept and check back here for more on Moblin in the future.

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