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May 21, 2010 10:50 am





I have lost count of the number of news articles I’ve read, or discussions I’ve had with customers, reporters, analysts and others when the topic of Novell’s Identity and Security products come up and I get a respectful nod of approval and acknowledgement that we have well engineered solutions.

We’re the St. Louis Cardinals of identity and security management.  The Cardinals consistently have a solid team. They’re respected by those that really know baseball including fans, the MLB organization and even competing teams. They also have an amazingly loyal fan base. Yet, they don’t get the same attention and publicity as the New York Yankees.  That’s just not their style.

On Wednesday we announced a “new team.” Identity Manager 4 is a family of solutions. According to Larry Walsh at Channel Insider, “the best kept secret in security is Novell’s identity management solutions. Today, Novell is taking the wraps off the latest incarnation of its suite – Identity Manager 4 – which is truly unique in two respects: It’s design to manage identities on-premises, virtual infrastructure and cloud applications; and it integrates log and event management for policy enforcement and audits.”

Walsh, a long-time veteran of the security business also highlights other features of Identity Manager 4:

“How effective is Novell at managing identities in the cloud? That’s something that will show over time, I suspect. The concept is significant, since many enterprises are wrestling with how to secure data and access cloud computing resources. Novell’s Identity Manager 4 promises to give enterprises the ability to provision accounts, manage access rights and revoke credentials with ease and efficiency. That’s a security function that’s sorely lacking today.”

“The addition of log and event management capabilities to Identity Manager 4 is a tremendously powerful tool for regulatory compliance. Enterprises can use the tool to demonstrate not just how an account was managed, but what actions were taken when anomalous activity was detected.”

So, I’d like to tip my hat to Larry Walsh. We’re pleased you understand our efforts to solve the complex identity and security issues facing the industry today.

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