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The Future of Novell Collaboration

Rick Carlson


July 14, 2014 10:52 am





By way of introduction, I’m Rick Carlson, Senior Director of Product Management for Novell’s product offerings. I appreciate the opportunity to be a guest blogger and share some directional information on Novell’s collaboration solutions. I also know Nick will do a great job at keeping the communication level high and I look forward to seeing other guests contribute to this valued and loyal community.

Novell GroupWise is known for being a secure, reliable “home base” for workforce productivity. GroupWise 2014 enhances the email you love with new features and a sleek, dynamic user interface. This release represents extensive research and effort in specific areas our customers have requested, such as easier, updated administration, Active Directory support, and a new, fresh look for the Windows client.

Now that we’ve released GroupWise 2014, you may be wondering: What’s next?

First, we’ll be keeping in mind some important facts about our collaboration business, and we hope you will too:

Fact 1: GroupWise provides the most secure, reliable and cost effective on-premises enterprise email solution on the market.

Fact 2: Our collaboration products (GroupWise, Messenger, GroupWise Mobility Service and Novell Vibe) are a big part of our business. Our collective teams service over 6,000 active customers and many loyal, important partners.

Fact 3: Even with increased cost pressures in the market and the allure of cloud-based collaboration solutions, Novell continues to be among the top five enterprise email vendors. Only 10 percent of businesses have moved their email to the cloud.

Fact 4: Migrating to a competing solution is expensive and causes significant business disruption. More importantly, even in the most successful cases, a migration simply provides an equivalent solution.

Fact 5: Email continues to be the mission-critical application organizations rely on to do business, collaborate with customers and get things done.

With these facts in mind, we will continue to deliver value to our GroupWise partners and customers to earn your continued investment in our collaboration business. Now, let’s look at the direction we’ll be taking in the future.

New and Upcoming Releases

We know that you, our customers, place a high value on security and maximizing efficiency and are concerned with keeping sensitive information secure, on-premises and tightly controlled. We also understand the desire to gain greater management of email storage requirements. We will focus development efforts and partner activities in these areas of strength. We will continue to enhance and position GroupWise as the most cost effective, secure email platform on the market.

We are already planning our next update, GroupWise 2014 SP1, for this summer. We also plan to ship a new version of the GroupWise Mobility Service (supporting ActiveSync 14.1) and Novell Messenger 3, both this year. In addition, we are working on a new release of GroupWise (code named Cornell) that will add some exciting new security and usability features that we know many of you will love. We are also working on plans to ship the next release of Vibe (code named Hudson) targeted to ship in calendar Q1 of 2015. Talk about a busy and exciting year!

Roadmap Direction

While we continue to refine specific details on our GroupWise roadmap, we can tell you what themes you can expect:

  • Security and Reliability. We will focus on areas where our strengths in security and reliability match the needs of our security-conscious and highly-regulated customers. These include: advances in authentication and authorization; greater protection and control of email content and attachments; hardening of the post office servers; and pursuing industry-specific certifications.
  • Flexibility and Choice. We want to leverage market standards to give end users a choice for client access while retaining the security and reliability that GroupWise brings to the enterprise.
  • Mobility. Mobility continues to be important for GroupWise customers and we will continue to focus on mobility solutions.
  • Total Cost of Ownership. We will explore areas that further increase productivity and efficiency for end users while continuing to decrease the time and effort it takes to administer, deploy, update and learn the GroupWise product line. We also understand the opportunity that integration with Filr represents to reduce the enterprise email storage requirements.
  • Agility. We will become more responsive to customers’ needs by providing more frequent GroupWise releases. We are moving away from multi-year release cycles; instead, we will release support packs and updates frequently.
  • Ongoing Stability. Future releases of GroupWise will be a combination of ongoing stability fixes and targeted enhancements and improvements. Organizations using GroupWise 8 and GroupWise 2012 should plan to upgrade now so they can take advantage of the new advances and features.

GroupWise 2014 continues to be the most cost-effective, secure email platform on the market. Watch for a renewed focus that combines our areas of strength with the security and reliability needs of our customers.

There’s only one thing we ask of you: Upgrade to GroupWise 2014! We won’t be able to deliver the benefits and updates we have planned if you’re not on GroupWise 2014. Our collaboration business is important to us. Move to GroupWise 2014 so we can prove it to you with all the benefits we have planned.

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  1. By:gburg

    Hi Rick,

    What I miss is manageability, security and privacy. Manageability is another strong point for GroupWise, which requires less admins. Security is GroupWise’s second best feature, which connects automatically to privacy.

    What are your thoughts on these? Please feel free to approach me private if that’s preferred, mail me at

    Thanks for putting some clarity, even when it’s summer and most of us prefer to sit in the sun. At least, that’s what we all say just before the summer comes.


    • By:Rick Carlson

      Hi Gert,

      Great point and I completely agree. Manageability is paramount to drive increased productivity within IT. GroupWise beats the competition hands down at reducing total cost of ownership while still providing the security, privacy, and control our customers demand.

      Enjoy your summer!

      – Rick

  2. By:mcurrie

    Hi Rick,

    The biggest thing I get asked by many of my education customers is for a updated current, feature complete MAC client! Many education customers have gone to either fully Apple Mac or partly Apple Mac environments (as well as iPad’s etc).

    Hope there is some news on this front?

    Mark Currie

  3. By:rodler

    hi rick!

    tnx for the roadmap!

    we really wanna update to gw 2014. but we can’t, because of the leak of the idm-driver for gw 2014…

    guess that this is the showstopper for many larger installations, especially in the edu-area…?!

    dean mentioned, that it will come “some weeks after gw 2014″…
    …now we are already in a frame of “some month” rather…

    when will it come? we are really waiting hard for it…

    tnx! gerald

  4. By:MFaust

    Hi Rick,

    two things:
    – Please enhance the eco system around GroupWise for DMS/ECM integration. There are very very few with GroupWise integration and the topic of DMS/ECM is quite important in bigger companies. So please show us customer that there are solutions (which go beyond what vibe can provide).
    – don’t push Vibe “Hudson” further away – one upon a time it was scheduled for late 2013! – We are waiting for it!


  5. By:aicsystem

    Hi Rick,

    will there be a hotpatch before SP1?


  6. By:sveld

    Hi Rick,

    Any plans to implement OpenPGP to enhance security as Yahoo and Google are working on?

    “Yahoo will join Google in providing users of its email service with end-to-end encryption, helping to keep the private communications of people protected from the prying eyes of governments and hackers alike. The company made the announcement on stage at the Black Hat security conference earlier today.”

  7. By:jlrodriguez

    There are two points that are making our customers think to abandon GroupWise:
    – The lack of electronic signature on WebAccess.
    – The lack of a full feature client for Mac and Linux.

  8. By:jlrodriguez

    In the past it used to be a plugin for Evolution to connect with GroupWise through SOAP. Any plan to collaborate with the Evolution project to put this plugin up to date?

  9. By:mgtsysadmin

    Has to be a up to date mac client and support for native mac apps via caldav, etc

  10. By:jamestaylor

    I’m extremely disappointed to hear that there is no Mac client update eminent.
    The lack of a current Mac solution is making it harder and harder to keep current customers, and nearly impossible to gain new ones.
    I have no good argument to give a client as to why the Mac users are being ignored.

  11. By:paul2282

    We met with a large customer two weeks ago, non education and they asked specificity about an updated Mac Client. We met with their staff and had to justify staying on GroupWise and it was hard with the lack of a Mac client or Mac support newer then 2008. The issue is in larger companies the C level staff is buying the Macs and their experience of the GW client is the driving factor to look at something else. This should not be on “top of the mind” but well into development. Feel free to reach out to me we have GroupWise users all over that are giving us the same feedback. Everyone at Novell needs to be aware this is a MAJOR issue for the GW user base.

  12. By:dwilkerson

    Any plans to implement DMARC, DKIM, or SPS into GroupWise 2014?

    • By:dmantz

      I would really like to see DKIM as well. We are battling issues with email providers like AOL and Yahoo as they look for email containing DKIM and GW will not provide it.