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Nick Scholz


July 10, 2014 12:06 pm





For all our offices, widescreen monitors, comfy chairs, and ergonomic keyboards, the enterprise software world can still be a wild, unpredictable place. I’m sure that there are some people, myself included, who never expected to see the GroupWise blog in the hands of anyone but Dean “Mr. GroupWise” Lythgoe, but as often happens in life, change came. Dean will be missed, but he’s started another adventure as he strikes out for a bold, new horizon.

That said, GroupWise is bigger than any one person, and the GroupWise Blog will still be your space to hear all the latest and greatest news about GroupWise, and have your voice be heard in return. Dean may have been its Master of Ceremonies, but in many ways the GWBlog has always belonged to you — our partners, users, administrators, and customers. In the past I’ve been a silent observer of this community, and I’ve been humbled by your passion. Now, I’ve been asked to take the reins, to facilitate discussion, and to do my best to keep this fire burning.

By way of introduction, my name is Nick Scholz, and I’m the technical writer for the GroupWise product line. If you’ve ever read our documentation or watched any of our GroupWise tutorial videos since GroupWise 2012, you’ve probably seen my writing and heard my voice.

What’s New in GroupWise 2014: New Look and Feel

I’ve worked every day as part of GroupWise engineering where I’ve managed documentation, assisted with usability testing, and written some of the interface text you administrators see every day. I’ve also assisted our marketing organization by creating a variety of items, including flyers, brochures, demos, and two articles for our friends at Open Horizons Magazine.

For all of this, Novell has given me an awesome work environment, a great product to work on, and the chance to live my childhood dream of actually being a Lego:

Schlotz Blox – A ZENworks Success Story

I tell you this so that you know: I love Novell, and I love GroupWise. But that’s not to say that I’m the only person who will be contributing to the GroupWise Blog! From here on out, this blog will feature a greater variety of authors, all by invitation, from partners, customers, product management, engineering, marketing, and even documentation. 🙂

Because Dean has been the voice of the GroupWise Blog in the past, most of your GroupWise news could be found simply by viewing his Cool Solutions profile. The GroupWise Blog may have changed hands for the first time ever, but we still wanted to make sure that every post, past and present, was available in a single place.

Nothing will change for you… You’ll still type into your browser, but because the GroupWise Blog will sometimes include other authors, we’ve changed things so that you’ll now see the the full list of GWBlog posts, regardless of author. If you don’t see it now, just clear your cache and everything should be working in no time.

It’s a bold, new world for GroupWise, and a new one for the GroupWise Blog, but if we stick together, there’s no telling how far we can go.

I’ve said plenty for today. Now, it’s your turn.

We’re listening.

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