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The GroupWise Powerguide


December 12, 2007 1:05 pm






A few weeks ago Erno de Korte handed me a copy of the GroupWise Powerguide. It has been put together by members of the GroupWiseR initiative and I have to say that it’s a pretty handy book. As a 9 year user of GroupWise even I have learnt (yes, that is a word) things from it. It has sections for GroupWise 6.5 and 7.0 and they will be releasing a Bonsai version too, as well as translating into multiple languages. All in all it’s a handy guide for both the GroupWise beginner wanting to learn more, or the GroupWise poweruser looking for those extra tricks.

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  1. By:Chris

    Hey Alex,

    Our man from the “nice part” of Cheshire! I thought you would have blogged on the version numbering decision on Bonsai, or is it still a top secret?



    ps. Good to see you in Bruges, these types of events need the support from Novell.

  2. By:Flyingguy

    Given the state of GW sales and all, I would think a smart idea would be for Novell to buy the rights to this book and then put it on its website. We need ammunition to keep the wolf at bay, not tell people, “Hey you really want to make GW sing, go buy this book”.

  3. By:Alex Evans

    Flyingguy, GroupWise showed a 5.4% growth in Q4 ’07 compared to Q4 ’06. In addition GW has grown for 3 straight quarters and 4 of the last 5 quarters have been growth quarters. NOWS, a bundle containing OES, SLED, GroupWise, ZenWorks and OpenOffice is the fastest growing product on Novell’s portfolio and Teaming+Conferencing is showing very, very strong demand. All in all the Collaboration market in Novell is very strong and increasing, not decreasing.

    Next, we are not about buying everything out there to add it to our own product – the GroupWise partner ecosystem is something that we in the GroupWise team are immensely proud of and we want to support that

  4. By:Flyingguy

    Alex, take a chill pill. If you know ANYTHING about me you know I am probably in the top 10 of Novell NetWare and GroupWise boosters. Yes the growth is there, but let me tell you its a tough sell in the real world. I have to fight to keep every client I have on ANY sort of Novell platform and getting new clients is even harder.

    Every time I turn around clients are saying, “Why aren’t we using Exchange, or Microsoft servers, you know I was talking to a buddy of mine and he tells me Novell is old technology, and I am probably getting more spam because I am using GroupWise!”

    I know you guys are working hard, I know your not out to buy everything on the planet, but you guys could make things one hell of a lot easier by publishing lots more information then you do. Configuration Guides, Hot tips, make it EASIER for us folks out in the trenches to keep moving forward.

    I was just on the phone to Gwava sales the other day. The sales rep said, and I quote “Novell doesn’t have too many large corporate clients anymore..” I mean if one of your biggest partners ( at least in GW ) says that, what the hell am I supposed to think.

    – Bill