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The world calls it mobility. Novell calls it life.



June 27, 2013 2:41 pm






We’ve all been there. You just finished a killer presentation at your desktop and caught a glaring typo at the coffee shop on your way to the big pitch. Maybe you’re delivering that hard copy RFP response when you realize that section three is missing and needs to be printed…before the submission deadline…in two minutes. Or, more to the point, maybe you’re the IT guy who has to make it all work on the back end—from managing all the devices employees bring in (above or below the IT radar) to securing all the data your employees want to access, share, and yes—even print—in the public sphere.

Whatever your role in the mobile dance of life, Novell gets it. We don’t view mobility as a unique tech category, a specialized set of solutions, or even a separate sphere that we leave real life to enter. The world may call it mobility, but Novell calls it life. We understand that today’s employees should be productive on their own terms, and that mobile devices are simply the means to that end. At a moment’s notice every employee should have secure access to privileged documents, IT tools and applications on any device, in any location, at any time.

Gone are the days when you could simply say “no” to end-user demands. Forward-looking organizations must find ways to accommodate what end users need to be productive—without compromising security, data governance or other enterprise goals along the way. These organizations understand that users need the ability to access and work on files from anywhere, print them to any available printer from any location, and perform both of these tasks from whatever device they choose to use. And while there are a number of vendors that address one or two of these areas, a complete mobility solution requires all three.

Novell offers a solution that addresses each of these discrete mobility needs. Comprised of Novell Filr, Novell ZENworks Mobile Management, and a new mobile-enabled version of Novell iPrint (that’s right around the corner), this solution will help you get a grip on your mobility needs and start empowering employees while safeguarding the enterprise goods.

In fact, whether you’re simply trying to get one step ahead of your end users, provide a highly mobile workforce with better tools, or implement a comprehensive mobility architecture, Novell can help. Want to deploy these solutions in tandem? No problem. One by one over time? We’ve got you covered. At Novell, we understand that you need more than the ability to poke a proverbial finger in the mobility dike. So we deliver a complete, end-to-end solution that will meet your needs today and grow with you tomorrow.

What else makes Novell mobility solutions unique?

SECURITY – Some companies offer good mobile solutions, but only in the cloud. Novell, by contrast, offers mobility solutions that are just as easy to use (and administer) as their cloud-based counterparts, but with the security and data governance your enterprise needs. We also leverage your existing security and access rights as you make enterprise data accessible to your wandering workforce.

HETEROGENEITY – Novell mobility solutions don’t force you to adopt a single device platform, a certain back-end storage platform, a vendor-specific security or directory infrastructure, or even a particular OS. We don’t require you to buy a new fleet of printers or move your entire file store to a completely new system. We work with what you already have to save you money and time.

MATURITY – Novell isn’t a risky start-up or a fly-by-night newcomer to the IT scene. We’ve been delivering secure, scalable and enterprise-class solutions for more than two decades, and we’re here to stay. We pioneered network file and print services back in the day, and that gives us a unique ability to bring these classic tools of productivity into the high-octane 21st century.

The bottom line is this: Mobility may pervade—and even define—the way we work, play and live today. But mobility is actually the wrong focus. Today it’s about productivity. Tomorrow it will be about productivity. It’s always about life.

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