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These computers are pretty light! You sure you got ALL of Windows on them?


November 22, 2010 12:44 pm

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Jason C. wrote: It was 1997. Windows 95 deployments were in high gear. I worked for a Novell partner that sold white box PCs. We had a contract to deliver 300 Windows 95 machines to a government client.

My manager and I spent the weekend building the PCs. We used a VLM boot floppy to login to a NetWare server and “xcopy”-ed an ‘image’ of the C: drive which included the OS and the latest version of office. Two of us did 300 machines in three days. The entire footprint on the 100MB IDE hard drives couldn’t have been more than 40 MB!

On Monday, the PHB shows up with the U-Haul to pack up and deliver the machines. As we’re packing the van, the PHB hefts one of the PC’s… “These things are light,” he says, “Did you guys install ALL of Window 95?”

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