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Three new Teaming forms: Direct Deposit, Injury Report, Medical Record


July 20, 2009 10:30 am





Direct Deposit:

This form contains the necessary information fields for gathering specific bank and account numbers used in creating a direct deposit transaction between a company and another financial institution. When legally propagating this kind of transaction a company must adequatly inform employees of certain rights and warnings. This form covers the major disclaimers associated with this sort of agreement. It also provides a digital signature agreement as effected by public law 106. Not only can this form be used to create a new direct deposit account, it can also modify or terminate an existing direct deposit account. Click here to view this form and workflow.

Injury Report:

The Injury Report form involves three major categories when dealing with the aftermath of an injury. Personal Information includes the people or persons involved in the incident, and their general contact information. Injury Information, provides specific dates and times for future investigation along with Who, When, Where, and How questions. It also leaves ample space for a more detailed description, thus overcoming the obstacles of vague or incomplete Injury Reports. Immediate Action Taken specifies who performed CPR and may be used to document hospitalization and treatment by a physician if relevant. It also provides feedback areas for companies who are seeking to strengthen their safety programs. Click here to view this form and workflow.

Medical Records:

This form and associated work flow provides a means for timely response to a patients basic medical history. It uses 48 check boxes to compile past medical concerns from Chicken Pox and Shingles, to Anemia and Diabetes. It also provides basic patient information as well as areas for further explanation of past and current diseases. The work flow passes the Form information from the Admittance Department to Patient Care down the line to Diagnostics and the Records Department. It can also be implemented on a company level to screen employees. Click here to view this form and workflow.

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