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Three new Teaming forms: Job Application, Time Card, Self Evaluation


July 9, 2009 8:32 am





Employee Self Evaluation:

This form allows an employee to complete and submit a self-evaluation. This encourages employees to actively participate in the process of job evaluation and feedback. This is a program and process often used in business to enable employees in their workspace. Give your employees a chance to evaluate their own performance analysis. It also doesn’t hurt to take some feedback and learn what your employees think of their work environment and what you can do to improve it. Click here to view this form and workflow.

Daily Time Card:

Here we have another very commonly used form in the workforce. We understand that this form may not be robust enough for all businesses, and YES we will be releasing more complex and comprehensive time card forms. This for now should get those brain wheels turning. We’re confident that this basic form and workflow may just be the one form and workflow that gets you started. We haven’t tried anything fancy but it’s easy enough to set this workflow to join with a calendar view. Click here to view this form and workflow.

HR Job Application:

To contrast the Daily Time Card, here we have created a very complex form and workflow. We plan to publish more information about JSP’s later. Until later arrives we would like you to take a look at this form. You must note the special installation instructions involved with the JSP. We wanted to make this form for two reasons. It uses JSP’s and we think that is great, and it is an example of JSP’s for anyone interested in creating their own. Not only is this a fully functional form but it is also semi-instructional. Please enjoy this form and workflow. We understand that every business is faced with the difficult task of filling positions. Automate the process through Teaming. Click here to view this form and workflow.

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