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Three ways to streamline your Windows 7 migration


May 11, 2010 12:00 pm





Guest post by Grant Ho, Director, Solutions and Product Marketing, End User Computing

Last fall, Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 and caused a gasp across the IT departments in many an enterprise. It wasn’t that the new product had issues. On the contrary, the release was one of the most well thought out and developed software in years.  The issues that caused some consternation were often related to the pain points present whenever any new software solution appears…compatibility concerns, migration logistics, hardware requirements and financial factors.

An advanced endpoint management solutions can relieve these pains and make your Windows 7 implementation less likely to induce gasps and more likely to elicit ahhhh’s.  Here are three things you should consider as you evaluate solutions to the problem:

  • Better asset management – Make sure you have a solution that keeps a clear inventory of the your hardware and software as well as which assets will actually run on Windows 7.
  • Simpler configuration management – Think about a single point of contact to seamlessly migrate your existing machines to Windows 7, and automatically manage and patch any future updates or service packs.  Why waste time traveling all over your corporate campus to tweak individual machines?
  • Virtualized applications – When migrating your machines, consider virtualizing your applications. This would mean no more endless days of testing and long installation times after you make the switch. You’ll know before you throw the switch what to expect once everyone is up and running on the new OS.

If you are interesting in learning more about ways to reduce the pains of migrating to Windows 7, we’re hosting a series of events this spring. Chances are we’re coming to your city and you can get firsthand view of real-world solutions that can help.

What is your greatest challenge with your Windows 7 migration?

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  1. By:Robert Smits

    Windows 7? Who wants to migrate TO Windows 7? You might want to talk about migrating FROM Windows 7 to SLED or OpenSuSE, but why would any thinking person want to go to a proprietary, bloated, and consumer unfriendly operating system like Windows 7?