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Tidying up the Drives


September 2, 2010 8:38 am





DZ wrote: I had a customer who was drive map crazed. They mapped a different letter for EVERYTHING, even though most of the mappings pointed essentially to the same locations.

For example, F: mapped to \\server\vol1, U: mapped to \\server\vol1\users, and h: was a map root of \\server\vol1\users\userhome (where userhome was the actual home directory of the user in question).

While most users did not map to U: and only saw their own home directory in “H”, IT managers had access to all user home directories under U: So, PHB could see u:\users\phb, and h: as the same directory.

One day, while “tidying up”, PHB deleted his entire home directory from u:\users\phb, because it was an exact duplicate of h:

All I can say is thank goodness for salvage!

A similar issue happened many years ago for a small site that was doing Windows networking. UserA had shared out her C: drive from the root to other users in the office as H:, and she managed to map her own C: drive as H: She then phoned me when her Windows workstation stopped working after she deleted all of the duplicate stuff on the H: drive! Alas, that time there was no salvage!

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  1. By:kgroneman

    I love it when people don’t know what something is so they just delete it.

  2. By:ecyoung

    “Drive map crazed”. This sounds like my workplace. No matter that, for 9+ years (since Windows XP), there’s been the ability to populate the places bar in file open/save dialogs, or to use basic scripts to add shortcuts to Network Places 🙁

    Salvage is “ok”, but unfortunately the only free recursive salvage utility out there seems to be Salvage98, which restores all folder/file names in uppercase 🙁 For files on Windows servers, there’s the free Previous Versions functionality , built in to Vista/7 (extra download for 2000/XP). It’s not quite the same as salvage, but has worked as a similar quick fix (without having to resort to backup/restore).