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March 19, 2006 4:48 pm





People accuse me of T-M-I all the time. Now that we have a whole horde of Cool Bloggers posting, here’s the skinny on slimming down your Cool Blogs reading.

On the Cool Blogs Site
First, note that on the right-hand side of the Cool Blogs website, there are categories and authors. Each is a clickable link. That will cut your content down to just the author’s posts, or just the posts in the category you are interested in. That’s how easy it is to

In Your News ReaderGoogle Reader showing the ZENworks Cool Blogs feed
Of course, all the cool kids use a feed reader application to scour quickly through RSS feeds. If that’s you, Cool Blogs lets you get at the author or category you want really easily. Here’s the ZENworks category as shown in Google Reader.
The main Cool Blogs feed is:

If you wanted to slim that down to just Martin Buckley, modify the feed with Martin’s author number (4) like this:

Warning: undiluted doses of Martin Buckley can do irreversible damage to your brain. So maybe you want to get the rest of the Cool Bloggers who post about ZENworks. ZENworks is category #2, so you can use this feed:

How do you find out author and category #’s? Simple. On the Cool Blogs main page, click the right-hand link for the category or author you want, then look at the address bar of your browser. If you were looking for Martin, you would see: And if you clicked ZENworks, you would see

Speaking of Buckley, Martin is working with our web team to put links to all these feeds out there on the Cool Blogs site. That’s if he survives BrainShare. Until then, these tricks should help you to manage the prodigious amount of tech that the Novell Cool Bloggers are producing.


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