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Top Five Reasons to Use Filr for Enterprise File Sharing

Gil Cattelain


June 20, 2016 12:15 pm






Imagine telling your young children they must stay at home to play, where it’s safe, then leaving them unsupervised for a long period of time. The risks they would face at home—like staircases and sharp objects—could potentially equal the dangers they would face in the neighborhood.

A similar case could be made about file sharing management. In theory, using an on-premises file-sharing platform is safer because it affords greater visibility and control over your data than you would have in a hosted, offsite environment. This is particularly true in high-risk industries like healthcare, where 47 percent of medical practices claim they are not confident in their ability to keep data secure in the cloud.

Many businesses, however, have subpar file sharing management strategies and are actually more at risk for a data breach, despite their good intentions.

So if you’re wondering whether to keep your files on-premises, take our advice: don’t do so without a high-quality enterprise file sharing management platform—one that can keep your data secure and accessible to authorized employees.

One such product you should consider is Filr from Micro Focus, which will use your own infrastructure and access controls to enable file sharing between employees. Here are the top five reasons to consider using Filr in your enterprise:

  1. Deployment is a snap: You can deploy Filr without having to worry about schema extensions or server agents. Filr can be deployed quickly and easily.
  2. It’s simple to manage: Using Filr, admins can avoid having to move or migrate data, or alter permissions. Plus, it’s easy to use; you will never run into issues related to redundancy or versioning, or time-consuming checkpoints.
  3. Leverage your existing infrastructure: Don’t worry about changing your permissions or policies. Filr will directly integrate with your infrastructure for a seamless transition.
  4. It offers a variety of services: Filr is much more than your average on-premises backup or sync solution. Employees can use it to safely access, share and even collaborate on important documents.
  5. IT will gain complete visibility and control: Filr will eliminate having to guess where files are being stored and located on the network. By centralizing all documents in Filr—and protecting them with strong access controls—IT can eliminate rogue files from leaking to unauthorized recipients.

Want to learn more about how Filr can help streamline on-premises file sharing management in your enterprise? Click here.

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