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Top Reasons to Invest in a Service Desk Solution

Gil Cattelain


August 15, 2014 11:14 am





Picture this: While one of your employees is sitting at his workstation, he receives a file marked “important” from his client. But the employee can’t open the file and get to work because he is missing a vital plug-in, which he must obtain from IT. All the employee can do now, however, is send a ticket to IT and wait for a response, which could take hours depending on the size of the organization.

As this scenario shows, a lack of communication between an organization and its IT department can affect both productivity and customer service. But fortunately, there is a solution: The Novell Service Desk, a platform that streamlines communication via automation between IT and end users across an entire enterprise. Using the Novell Service Desk, employees will spend less time troubleshooting and more time producing.

As outlined on our Website, here are some of the top reasons you should use the Novell Service Desk in your organization:

Build a productive and responsive service environment: The Novell Service Desk promotes an IT culture that is proactive, rather than reactive. Using Novell, employees can receive lightning-fast responses to technical problems that could otherwise be missed and lead to bigger operational or security-related issues.

Incorporate self-service: Novell reduces the burden of an IT department by facilitating a self-service portal. This portal simplifies and manages the flow of user requests, and helps walk employees through basic problems. By automating this process, an organization can spread its IT department further without sacrificing quality of service.

Get more out of your IT investment: Your business invests in IT to drive profits and increase efficiencies. But what good is an IT investment if it slows workers down and impacts productivity? Use Novell Service Desk to streamline endpoint management from a single location and speed up basic business processes.

Learn more about Novell Service Desk.

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  1. By:mickers

    In terms of Marketing NSD, I’d suggest some walkthroughs of setting up a simple (1-2 person) system, a medium, and a larger system. I’ve used Novell products for 20+ years, and trying to setup a simple (functional) 2 person NSD system has taken me many months, and it’s still not how I’d exactly like it.
    Highly recommend building some how-tos from first boot, to ready-to-use. Hopefully to save others some of my pain.
    When it’s up and running it’s extremely powerful, but not if it’s never able to be setup properly.