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Top Three Reasons to Invest in Remote Data Encryption

Gil Cattelain


July 17, 2014 3:29 pm





Each user endpoint in your organization is like a door that leads directly into your enterprise. Just like your company protects its physical location using a robust security system, it needs to take the same measures online in order to prevent a data breach from occurring. An optimal way to do this is by using a strong remote encryption service. Your IT department needs the ability to encode sensitive data as well as understand who is accessing its information and why.

Here are three reasons your company should protect every fixed hard drive on its network using a full disk encryption solution with remote management capabilities, such as Novell ZENworks:

Endpoints store a lot of information: According to recent research, up to 70 percent of the most critical data in an enterprise exists on endpoint devices. And laptops are the fastest proliferating endpoint devices. Laptops often contain large amounts of sensitive information like employee names, Social Security Numbers, drivers’ license numbers and financial information. When that information is sitting on an unprotected laptop, it poses a huge threat to both your employees and your corporation. ZENworks Endpoint Management makes it impossible for a user to read sensitive data without the right combination of a username and password or PIN and smartcard.

Manual endpoint management is difficult: Many IT managers want to encrypt company endpoints, but simply lack the necessary resources needed to do so. In fact, managing encrypted devices by hand can increase IT budgets by over 20 percent due to lost time and travel expenses. Using ZENworks’ remote push-button management system, IT managers can manage and deploy encryption without having to physically touch a device.

Compliance is critical: If your company’s data is lost or stolen, it will have two choices: It can inform customers of a potential security breach, or take comfort in the fact that it’s protected thanks to previously employed encryption services. While there is no way of completely stopping laptop or mobile device theft in a BYOD environment, proving that your data is safely protected could save your company millions of dollars. Your company won’t have to work as hard to regain customer trust, either. ZENworks provides real-time encryption reporting for up to date status reports on each end user device on the network.

For more information about how Novell ZENworks can help your company secure all of its user endpoints on its network, click here.

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