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Tribulation of an OES admin : Console1, folders and “Unable to get the attributes of the object”


December 26, 2007 9:39 am





One of my team members came in and told me that since a couple of weeks he was not anymore able to access quota and trustee management in Console1 for folders on NSS.

When trying to open the properties he got the “Unable to get the attributes of the object” and it ends up with “No property pages available“., so he thought I revoked his access rights.

But no, he has Supervisor right on the tree and he can browse the NSS volumes with Console1.

It is just the Properties option that is not working. As it was working with others admins, we double-checked all trustee assignment in eDirectory. Everything was fine.

What was different ? He was using Console1 1.3.6e, and everyone else was using at least 1.3.6g.

We upgraded his workstation to Console1 1.3.6h, and voila, he can now access quotas and trustees again.

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  1. By:vancollerd

    I have Console1 1.3.6h installed on the Linux and I still have the same problem – “unable to get the attributes of the object”.

    • By:anonymous

      Hello, I have the same Console1 version, 1.3.6h, and now after we applicate a NSS conf parameters of metadata backup, have the error “no property pages” with Console1.
      Any suggestion? Thanks you

  2. By:SteveUYS

    I have a new volume on a san. Managed by same server OES Linus as original one. Having restored files from backup to new volume this problem occurs. My restore program doesn’t know about Trustees and their metadata.

    Using linux based rights command can add data to the ._NETWARE.trustee_database.xml file but still can’t administer with console one.

    Is there an opposite of:
    ncpcon nss resync=volumename

    tid 7001930