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Troubleshooting Tips for Backup Exec for NetWare


December 14, 2007 12:26 pm





Author: Jack Shreve

Backup Exec for NetWare Issues – Top 3 Seen at a Large Gov’t Agency

Backup Exec may be producing errors of many different types on your NetWare servers, both Media Servers and Remote Agents. Your responsible remote users have notified you they are concerned that their backups are not Okay.

Not of all these answers appear in your Google searches or on the BackupExec Web Support Site.

Here is a compendium of three most familiar errors, what they mean, and how, whether, or if, you can fix them.

#1: The “(-452) Error

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Figure 1. (-452) “Error”

You can ignore this -452 error, according to Symantec/Veritas/Arcadia/slash whomever owns them when you read this.

The gist of the official line as of this writing is “Forget about it. It is a ‘cosmetic error’.”

BE has been calling this a “Cosmetic Error” for quite some time. The backups themselves truly are just fine; my testing shows restores from tapes created that have shown this error have been successful.


Also, even if your tests agree this error does not impact your ability to restore, and that the last 16 “Error” results have been this “-452” Error, ALWAYS CHECK THE LOGS!

Always ALWAYS look at every job that produces an “Error” result.

The danger in these cosmetic errors is the tendency we have after seeing weeks and months of this being the cause of the “Error” flag in job logs is to be lulled into assuming ALL errors stem from this, and to quit checking the job logs when we see an “Error” result.

That is exactly when a true failure occurs, and we don’t catch it until we are asked to do a restore. I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of Unemployment Insurance payments for me and a couple hundred other co-workers, bundled with fat attorney fees at taxpayer expense to be very unappealing.


#2 The “Cataloguing Terminated” Issue

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Figure 2.

What you are facing is lack of available disk-space on your Backup Volume disks.

What you need to do is go to <SERVERNAME/VOLUME/BKUPEXEC/CATALOGS> and either delete, or move elsewhere the catalog files.

Once you free up space, the backups will begin to run without error again.

NOTE: If needed deleted catalogs can be recreated by re-cataloguing the tapes. It is inconvenient, especially if the tapes have not been labeled in a meaningful way. Still, it takes only a coffee-break or so of time per tape; so go get coffee.

#3 The Supposedly Corrupt POA Files

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Figure 3.

Ignore these allegedly corrupt log files. The reason you see this is because your users never sleep, and email logs are constantly changing – by the time BE is finished backing up this log file, even though it may only take a second or two, the file has changed! Just make sure it is the latest log file that is showing as being “corrupt on media”. You may also see this with database index files.

You may also have sites that suddenly experience – or notice for the first time – that the backup jobs are waiting for user intervention or answers as shown below. Thus, they are not getting a backup during the night, as intended, but have to either be cancelled or kicked off during the day.

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Figure 4.

In this case, check the setting for media usage as shown here:

Under Options/Media Server…

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Figure 5.

Select Media…

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Figure 6.

Then make sure you select Media Overwrite Protection Level=None.

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Figure 7.

As with everything else in BackupExec, press F2 to save.


WAY easier than purging through “DOS” (OK, OK – the pseudo DOS CMD shell), Windows Explorer, NoRM, (or even NWAdmin) is to go to the console screen of the server hosting the volume and typing “PURGEVOLUME <VOLUME_NAME>”. But only if you are on NW 6.5.

Just be aware this does the entire volume – and extremely quickly, too – and cannot be modified to do just a path.

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