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Unicode Enabled!


April 6, 2009 12:32 pm





Last July, I posted a blog about the current state of our Unicode support. Here it is…

We had planned to wait until the next major release of GroupWise to finish enabling the Windows Client for Unicode. Thanks to some excellent team work by the Windows Client team, we are happy to report that the Windows Client will be unicode enabled for 8.0.1.

Here are the changes that have happened for 8.0.1.

– We are now compiling Unicode for all components of the Windows Client
– All input points are now Unicode enabled
– File System access, read/write/paths, mixed os/client issues are now all resolved
– mixed language issues in the same message are resolved
– mixed os/client language issued resolved. running OS in one language and GW in another
– searching messages, address book data is resolved
– Entire interface is now unicode enabled
– The correct fonts are being used to display unicode characters
– characters passing into the GroupWise system are properly handled

Linux/Mac Clients as well as WebAccess are already unicode enabled.

What is missing?

There are a few areas of GroupWise that we are not planning on enabling for unicode. The administrative piece – using ConsoleOne – is not and we are not planning on making this piece unicode enabled.

The MAPI providers are not unicode enabled. These are the providers that facilitate our Outlook Connector technology. There is still significant work to be done in order to enable this component. Making this unicode enabled is not part of our current plans either.

So – given what we have accomplished and what we have decided not to do 🙂 We will declare when 8.0.1 ships to be Unicode enabled!!


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  1. By:paulvandercruyssen

    Hi Dean,

    you are almost promising heaven here!, but we all have been waiting for this, specialy in the EMEA market.
    If MAPI also would have been on the list, it would have been heaven, but you are almost there.

    Now just waiting for 8.0.1………


    • By:dlythgoe

      We believe that 8.0.1 will be heaven 🙂

      We hope that not only does it have a few things like Unicode support, but it also delivers the quality, stability and reliability that the 8.0 foundation prepared everyone to expect!

      We are very excited, meeting all of our quality objectives and test case runs.

      Soon we will detail some of the other minor updates,changes and enhancements that have also been added to 8.0.1.