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Upcoming GroupWise and Teaming BETA Releases!


June 29, 2009 1:36 pm





GroupWise 8.0.1 – which will officially release in a couple of months – builds upon the very solid release of 8.0.0. We have had significant uptake and rollout of GroupWise 8 throughout our customer base and are very confident that the rest of you – those that by policy or choice ALWAYS wait for the first support pack – will be very pleased. As you already know, GroupWise 8 has a ton of new features and functionality and now with the added bake time, stability and reliability of the support pack – there is not better time than now to empower your end-users with significant benefits of their personal productivity tool.

The overall effort of 8.0.1 was to simply fix bugs and work out issues that usually only are found during actual deployments of the product. However, there are few other benefits and added functionality that can be found with 8.0.1.

  • Unicode – The Windows Client is now fully Unicode compliant
  • Accessibility and 508 testing and bug fixing was completed
  • Improved iCal support – especially with Exchange systems
  • Windows Client additions
    • Reply from Sent Items
    • Don’t Ask me Again’ options on accepting recurring appointments with conflicts
    • Improvements to ‘Modify Recipients’ for a calendar item
    • Improvements with Teaming integrations
    • New IMAP option to eliminate strike-through on the iPhone and other IMAP clients
  • Linux Client and Mac Client additions
    • Vacation Rule
    • Type to create a task and sub-task management
    • Calendar Import
    • XGL support
    • GTK support
  • New Platform Support
    • SLES 11 and SLED 11
    • Windows 7
    • Internet Explorer 6 compatibility improvements
    • Internet Explorer 8
  • Support for Turkish Language

We are not planning a public BETA for 8.0.1. The Authorized BETA and internal roll out will give us enough confidence and exposure to move directly to final release. We are finishing up some localization, internationalization issues and just need some bake time and then we will move to General Availability and Release.

Teaming (Boulder) – which is scheduled to release at the end of July or August – has seen significant exposure throughout the BETA program. It has been very well received by the BETA community and we have rolled out the product internally in Novell. We have also begun a Light House program where several of our customers will be putting the Public BETA into production within their enterprise. The number of outstanding issues we are tracking is very few and the engineering team has already addressed 100% of the critical defects found and close to 90% of the major defects reported. The final few weeks of the current development cycle will be help us really solidify Teaming as a contributing member of Novell’s Collaboration story.

Many of you may already be aware of the new features available in Boulder, but I will list several of them here for your review:

  • New and Improved User Interactions
    • Masthead, Sidebar, Main Content Area, Video Tutorials
  • Get Informed
    • What’s New
    • Tasks and Calendars
    • Recent Entries
    • Micro-Blogs and Shared Items
    • Track Workspaces, Folders and People
    • Find What’s New in a specific folder or workspace
    • Synchronizing Tasks and Calendars with iCal
  • Flexible Navigation
    • Tree, Recent places, Entry Listing Toolbar
  • Easy Folder and Workspace Management
    • Subscribing, Configuring with Simple URL
    • Unread and New Entry identification
    • New Discussion Folder Features
  • Multiple Access Options
    • Using Skype from within Teaming
    • Using Novell Conferencing
  • Enhanced Customization Options
    • Branding Folders and Workspaces
    • Creating Workspace Landing Pages
    • Library of Custom Forms and Workflows
    • Chaining Workflows together and Tracking a Workflow’s Activity History

Check out more details in the User Guide for Teaming:

We are very excited and proud of these two releases and know that our customers will be very satisfied.


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  1. By:jlodom


    I am very excited about both of these releases. Will there be Starter Pack licensing for Teaming 2.0 like there is for the current version?

  2. By:sveld

    This popped up in my mind also, same starterpack licensing for Teaming 2?

    Great these things nearing their final stages!

  3. By:dlythgoe

    There will be the exact same promotion as with Teaming 1.0. In other words, with Teaming 2.0, you will be able to get a FREE 20 User Starter Pack!! You can check it out today with the Public BETA!

    More details will be announced with the final release of Teaming 2.0 and the marketing campaign that will follow.