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Update: 7.0.3, GMS, and Bonsai


January 8, 2008 3:55 pm





Current status. As many of you know,  the GroupWise Engineering team has been engaged in two major GroupWise deliverables. 7.0.3 (Public BETA and Release) and Bonsai (Authorized BETA). These two projects are significant engagements that the engineering team has been working on over the last several weeks – since my last blog :).    The engineers have made significant progress in both of these areas and I wanted to give everyone an update on when and what to expect.

7.0.3 (Public BETA and Release)

We are currently meeting everyday to determine our ability to ship Public BETA of 7.0.3. We have about 6 outstanding BETA stoppers and once we have those resolved we will be announcing and shipping 7.0.3 to public BETA. Our exit criteria consists of making sure that testing has run a number of test cases and scenarios at a passing rate. In addition, we roll out 7.0.3 to several internal, corporate, post offices and the engineering team’s own post offices.   Currently, we have Linux and NetWare corporate post offices updated and running. We also have updated MTAs, WebAccess and GWIA. Once our quality control team has had enough time and has run enough validation on the code, we will release it publicly. We expect that to be this week or next. After we ship Public BETA, we will be soliciting feedback. In addition to general availability, we will be talking to all customers who reported a defect that was addressed in 7.0.3 to validate that we did indeed fix their issue. In addition, we will continue our corporate roll out and respond to any serious regressions before we SHIP 7.0.3. We are expecting to release 7.0.3 in February.

Bonsai (Authorized BETA)

Upon shipping Authorized BETA on November 28th, we have been focusing a lot of effort on a refresh. We have several input sources for this effort. Of course, the first feedback comes from the BETA sites, the BETA Newsgroups and weekly BETA calls. Their input on UI, functionality, and stability is invaluable in measuring our readiness for Public BETA.   We also solicit feedback on how well we have implemented the new features of Bonsai. The weekly conference calls have been fantastic and very helpful! We have already discussed Installation, Contact Management, Favorites Folder, Calendar Publish and Subscribe. The feedback on these features has been very positive. We have also learned a great deal and are working to make adjustments and improvements in our implementations.

Another input source is our own IS&T department. They always work very closely with us as we roll out new products and they have already updated one of our corporate post offices with Bonsai. It is running on Linux, it has about 200 users and we have not had any reported problems or down time with that Post Office since deployment in early December. Of course, it is still early, but this is a very positive sign.

Engineering has been executing the test runs and they have been working towards stated quality objectives. We hope to refresh the Authorized BETA in February as well. Each subsequent release builds upon the quality metrics and test case executions that were made on previous releases. We expect each release to be substantially better and be deployed deeper into our own organization as we work with our beta sites and make continued improvements.

This is the part of the software development cycle that seems to crawl along. The user does not see many significant changes at this point, but they do see quality improve and usability enhanced. Our marketing manager, Gregory Webb, was recently upgraded to Bonsai. He is so excited about all of the new functionality that he wants to announce its availability to the world! That is very exciting for engineering, but we continue to put on the brakes until we have adequately deployed, scaled and performed in all of the expected customer environments and configurations. Bonsai is the most anticipated end-user focused release of GroupWise that I can remember. We want that anticipation met with high quality.

GMS on Linux

There is one more project that is nearing completion. We do expect to release this month, January, GMS on Linux. We have been in public BETA with this release and we are close to shipping. Watch for announcements soon!

Well that is it for now! I will continue to update you on our progress and look forward to your comments and feedback!

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  1. By:John Yorke

    Whoa. I didn’t realize Groupwise 8 was that far off. Hoping to refresh the Authorized Beta in February means Groupwise 8 probably won’t be out until around Brainshare. This is good to know so I can plan what to do in the meantime.

  2. By:Brian Snipes

    So, what is the expected release timeframe for GroupWise 8? I’ve seen a GroupWise 8 logo somewhere that had ‘March 15, 2008’ on it.

  3. By:Walbert

    Can GMS for Linux also run under VMware ?

  4. By:Sami

    Thanks for the update!

    As you mentioned GMS, are you aware of the problems with GMS2 at the moment?

    See forums, groupwise.7x.wireless, reports of duplicating items, appointment dates changing.. from many sites.
    We opened ServiceRequest on these issues and got an answer that there is really nothing to do in order to fix ir :/ Weird.
    We may have to shutdown whole GMS service becoz of the problems.

  5. By:Bob Jonkman

    we will be talking to all customers who reported a defect that was addressed in 7.0.3 to validate that we did indeed fix their issue.

    This is a great thing! In the past when I’ve opened Service Requests or submitted defects, it’s always been a matter of hope and luck to determine if my issues are addressed in the latest code.

    Many thanx to Dean and the GW Team.


  6. By:Alex Evans

    We have feedback saying that it does work, however, Nokia have not validated it in VMWare so won’t support it

  7. By:Alex Evans

    Sami – the duplication issue is fixed in SP3. The appointment issue is new to the team here. Please can you mail me offline with the SR#?

  8. I hope that 7.0.3 has improvements for the web access agent. It crashes far too often in our environment.

  9. By:Dean Lythgoe

    We have been cautious about talking about specific dates for shipping Bonsai. Bonsai needs to go through Beta, Public Beta and then finally release. Our most specific guidance to this point is ‘Summer 2008’. However, please watch this blog for updates and exit criteria. It is more important that we release a quality product than to push the product out before its time.

  10. By:Dean Lythgoe

    See comment above…

  11. By:Dean Lythgoe

    This is not expected GMS behavior and not what I would call an appropriate response from NTS. Please contact me directly and let’s see if there truly is a bug or something we can do.

  12. By:Alex Evans

    You’re too late Dean – I already took care of Sami. Well, I’ll take credit for it, someone else is actually doing the hard work

  13. By:Eric Basson

    Thanks for the update. It is much appreciated. We are currently busy with a project that is reliant on the release of 7.0.3. From a planning perspective what would you reckon the possibly to be that 7.0.3’s final release will slip beyond Feb? Just to elaborate. Our reliance stems from the update of the SOAP interface which is required to get our Document Management client that runs on Linux to work.

  14. By:David Tough

    Hi Dean, so my question is ref groupwise and Gwava. Will Sp3 fix all those annoying issues between the two??? gwava digest crashing groupwise clients, mta and gwia failing to shut down etc etc

  15. By:alex

    i hope that in groupwise 8 and/or bonsai cross platform you resolve/implement the check in/out document function, so i can migrate to linux plaform 😉 Thanks

  16. By:JM Macip

    We are having a lot of stability problems with the current release when GWAVA is in the mix, most of the problems are due to MTA loosing comunication and not closing/restaring gracefully, forcing a system reboot in a 1000 user post office.

  17. By:JM Macip

    My main concern/need is a new GW 7 code release that soles those stability problems.

  18. By:David Tough

    JM we had same issue…In the end we turned to the Gwia scan which is way more stable…the MTa shuts down ok but we have Gwia hanging and a power off is the only solution if a reboot is required

  19. By:Jenni Turner

    Does anyone have a link for a list of fixes in 7.0.3? We have a tremendous amount of shared addressbook, and other replication issues we’re hoping are on the list…we realize the list wouldn’t be complete as of yet.

  20. By:viper

    I sure hope you get this out by June because I timed my OWG purchase w/software assurance just for bonsai. My var said, “should be out before end of year”. Now summer? There’s no way I’ll buy OWG licenses over again because of a delayed product. I want better end-user features like 99 out 100 GW shops and if I can’t get bonsai with my paid software assurance then the next product I upgrade to will start with a Z. I don’t mean to sound rude, but last time I paid for Novell software assurance I got the short end of the stick and this will be the last time it happens again.

  21. By:Dean Lythgoe

    There are several fixes for GWAVA, APIs and our partners in 7.0.3, but I am sorry – I don’t know the details or background on the exact problems you may be experiencing.

    We are now in Public BETA – take a look 🙂

  22. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Unfortunately, we did not get to the set of Document Management features yet in the Linux/Mac Client. Always something still to do….

  23. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Here is a link to the readme – which does contain a list of the things resolved.