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Update on BES 5 for GroupWise – Beta program


July 8, 2009 12:45 pm





Some great news for all GroupWise customers who are awaiting the latest release of the Blackberry Enterprise Server for GroupWise – it’s coming. RIM have opened up applications for their beta program, for BES 5.0.1 for GroupWise. We at Novell always participate in the beta program and generally run the BES beta against the latest GroupWise beta code, as well as device beta code – to make sure that we get maximum coverage. It’s always a very positive experience for us, so grab the chance while you can.

As for what’s coming in this release:
RIM engineers have been working hard to move to a 100% SOAP architecture for GroupWise, so we expect to see significant performance increases. In addition some very exciting features:

– Multiple address book support
– Built in High Availability and Reliability
– Remote file access
– Email folder management
– Enhanced application deployment and management

To apply simply send an email to
I am not sure of the RIM process, but for Novell beta applications more info is often better – tell them why you think you should qualify, and include the number of Blackberry devices you support.

Finally – Enjoy!

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  1. By:tmstone835

    It looks like RIM has eliminated the free 5-user version of BES for GroupWise. This is unfortunate for my small business clients because the entry cost for BES Licensing kills that opportunity. Also, it doesn’t appear that anyone is providing BES for GroupWise on-line services as an alternative to hosting it on-site.

  2. By:mbraden

    Well, I have been looking/asking for information from RIM on the version 5 for GW and I can’t get any really good info.

    While we are not a huge company, we do have a good number of BB devices, and it would be nice to have some updates to our current BES system.

    So, any RIM people out there, how about giving us an update here, if you need to postpone it, then let us know. That is better than nothing at all. Last we heard it was autumn of this year. Guess what, we are in autumn…

  3. By:bigdog

    Beta for BES 5 for GW is coming along very well, now if Novell can get something moving for ActiveSync…..

    Novell seems all excited about teaming and CRM but they really need to understand that their installed base really need a good mobile solution.