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Updating Post Office Views


January 5, 2007 10:31 am





A while ago I promised another post with details of a new 7.0.1 feature that we added and was hidden away.  Well Tim reminded me this week so here we go.

This is a cool feature that we added to help you update the View files in your PO. For those that don’t know Views are the files that are used when you open anything in GW – mail, appointments, notes etc are all represented by Views in the PO. If you have the wrong Views in your Post Office then some things won’t work, or will look strange.  On an upgrade we now try to automatically update the Views from the software distribution directory (SDD) but if this fails there is an easy way to do it.

The first thing is that you need to have a GW7.0.1 SDD assigned to the Post Office.  Once that is done highlight Post Office and go to Tools | GroupWise Utilities | System Maintenance.  In this dialog select Refresh Views.  This will cause the POA to go out and recopy the Views to the correct directory.

Refresh Views
Now, if you happen to have custom views installed previously make sure that you first take a copy of them and the .ini files so that you can recopy them after the update – otherwise they will be lost.

All done – hope you’re happy Tim 🙂

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  1. By:Peter Van Lone


    Well, I guess I would say “no, not really”.

    Why is this process so difficult? Why can’t the install do the job of updating the views? You are aware, I think … that lots of us don’t even bother (in fact actively avoid) having an active uptodate SDD? Why is that whole thing still such a cluser?

    It seems to me that the SDD/update area is ripe for improvement. Also, the “views” functionality is an aother are that could really use an upgrade — Novell was so close to having a huge advantage in the marketplace with it’s workflow capabilities oh so many years ago … and then it was left to rot.


    Now, we struggle to even define a custom view to give to all users …

    Please, this is still an area that a little bit of creativity could yeild big payoffs.

    Somebody, please do something interesting with GroupWise so that it is not “just another” email and calendar suite …