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Upgrading from NetWare to OES Linux


June 29, 2009 5:07 pm





Novell is putting some nice efforts forth to make the transition from NetWare to OES2SP1 Linux as easy as possible. One part of the effort is providing the materials necessary for administrators to upgrade their NetWare services to Linux. A few weeks ago Novell published an “Upgrading to OES — Planning and Implementation Guide.” ( See

This guide provides a breadth of information on how to upgrade not only stand-alone NetWare servers to Linux, but also your Novell Cluster Services (NCS) servers, and the Master and Certificate Authority of your tree. It also has information on upgrading applications such as GroupWise and ZenWorks from NetWare to Linux.

One nice feature of the document is that it not only includes the documentation for these different upgrade scenarios, but also includes three real step by step examples that were used by a real customer to get their servers converted from NetWare to Linux (see the examples section of the guide). It also provides frequently asked questions and information on where to get training (some of it free) provided by Novell.

Perhaps the best feature of this particular document is that it is “alive”. The team here at Novell is continually updating the guide as we get input from our customers and consultants on additional information that should be added. One example is a customer had a question about the mix of NetWare SLP DA’s and Linux openSLP DA’s. We found that the specific information on this subject was lacking and immediately updated the guide. I urge the readers of the document to use the “Add Comments” links on the document to give feedback as this will help us to provide you a document that gets continuously improved. Enjoy!

See for more information on upgrading NetWare to Linux.

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