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January 27, 2011 11:55 am





A customer recently posted this question on the FAQ page, and we have tracked down the answer.

Q: I have downloaded and read the version 2.5.2 install guide for Storage Manager dated Apr 2010. I do not see any info in there about upgrading the version we have which is I believe 2.0.x . Can someone send me those or a link on what I need to do since we have many policies that I hope could be moved to new version and there are agents running on many servers that may need changed.

A: Since you are upgrading Novell Storage Manager, you should consider upgrading to the latest version which is Version 3.0.1. With the introduction of Novell Storage Manager 3.0, Novell introduced a new Migration Export Wizard that simplifies the migration from Version 2.5x to Version 3.x by allowing you to export Novell Storage Manager policies and deferred delete events.

Customers running a version of Novell Storage Manager earlier than 2.5x must upgrade to 2.5x before performing an upgrade through the Migration Export Wizard. Your upgrade to Version 2.5x can be limited to the NSM Engine component.

Information on upgrading, including procedures for using the Migration Export Wizard are located in Chapter 3 of the Novell Storage Manager 3.0 for eDirectory Installation Guide, which you can access at:

Note: With the release of Novell Storage Manager 3.0 for eDirectory, the NSM Engine, and Agents are now hosted exclusively on Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 machines. The NSM Monitor can be hosted on a Novell Open Enterprise 2 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 or greater machine. If you wish to run any of these components on Novell NetWare, you must use Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory 2.5, which does not support the Migration Export Wizard.

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