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Use Filr to Help Prevent a Data Breach – Filr 3.3

Gil Cattelain


December 19, 2017 10:04 am





Data breach prevention is now a top concern for businesses of all sizes, and across all vertical markets. As such, many business leaders are now analyzing their networks and searching for critical vulnerabilities that could result in data leaks.

One vulnerability that executives tend to overlook during this process is file management. Most organizations have relatively little control over the files that come in and out on a daily basis. They are using fragmented storage environments, where files live on employee laptops, desktops and smartphones as well as random third party cloud servers.

The challenge from a network security standpoint is that with every new storage location comes additional risk. It’s impossible to protect information in a fragmented storage environment. Files can easily get lost, stolen or infected with malware.

This problem can be fixed using the latest version of Micro Focus Filr, v.3.3. a program for centralizing and distributing files.

FIlr 3.3 contains many new updates, most notably support for the latest versions of Android, iOS and Mac OS. FIlr 3.3 also features a new Linux desktop client, which supports basic uploads and downloads and connectivity to Net Folders.

Additional features include:

Mobile app enhancements: In Filr 3.3, users can store and upload files in Filr. Plus, FIlr now has native support for iOS 11’s new file management functionality.

Microsoft Office plugin: Now users can open, save and share Office files in Filr without having to use the desktop client.

Support for Zoning: In this version, network administrators can set Filr zones to create multiple virtual sites in a single physical site. Each zone is independent and can be accessed with a unique URL.

File receive links: Users can request a file without requiring the sharer to register into FIlr. This can provide a single point upload for a single file.

To learn more about Filr 3.3., click here.

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  1. By:gurneetech

    Does Filr integrate with any security products to help guard against Virus, Malware or cryptoware?
    Or does it rely entirely on security solutions running at the host OS level?