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Using ndsconfig with eDirectory Installs


October 31, 2007 4:40 am






A Forum reader recently asked:

“I am trying to install e-Directory on a SLES10 enterprise server. So far I
have run nds-install and got through option 1 to install eDirectory. Next, I
started option 2 – install eDirectory Administration, etc. Now I am being
prompted for Tree Name, Server Name, Context, Port num. etc.

It is asking for the absolute location for this instance of eDirectory. The dib.log and nds.conf go into this directory. I was never prompted for an instance name, path, or anything. Please help me with where I need to point and an explanation as to what this process is about. Is there a file called nds.conf somewhere?”

And here’s the response from Aaron Burgemeister …


I assume you’re on the ‘ndsconfig’ step then …

Type ndsconfig without any parameters, and you should see it with a few lines of options. The one you want is either ‘new’ (for a new tree) or ‘add’ (to add into an existing tree). The last option is for the config file, which is nds.conf. It should be the full path to that file (such as ‘–config-file

An example, in which you should specify your own options, follows:

ndsconfig add -t yourtreename -n dc=yourservername.dc=server.dc=system
- -a cn=admin.dc=user.dc=system -S yourservername -p
serverIPAddressOfReplicaHOlder -D
/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/yourtreename/yourservername -d
- --config-file

That should all be on one line, obviously. When you run it you’ll be prompted for the password. Normally this should be be done as ‘root’, but if not, you’ll need to specify a port for eDirectory and LDAP >= 1024 as well.

Edward van der Maas adds:

When you run nsd-install you get the question what you want to install.
You can select both options by typing ‘1,2’. This way you don’t have
rerun the nds-install script.

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