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Using Public Cloud File Sharing and Storage? This Will Make You Reconsider

Gil Cattelain


January 12, 2017 2:59 pm






Think about all of the private files that your company stores inside online cloud repositories. There are documents containing trade secrets. Outlines for new products. Executive memos meant for select eyes only. Items, in other words, that would create significant problems if they were made publicly available.

Unfortunately, this very problem happened to some users when a critical error allowed confidential documents to become publicly indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

According to researcher Markus Neis, who discovered the issue, the problem originated with a flaw in the way manages its cloud storage accounts. Every time a user creates an invite URL for a collaborative document, automatically generates a unique landing page for it. Unfortunately, some of these landing pages were indexed by search engines, meaning anyone could access them by typing in a query.

Neis claims that companies like Dell Technologies, Illumina and Discovery Communications were all affected by the data leak. While it’s not clear how long the problem lasted before it was fixed, Neis claims to have accessed more than 10,000 collaborative public documents or accounts in total.

This problem would never happen with Micro Focus Filr, which is Micro Focus’s secure, onsite file sharing and storage platform. With Filr, documents do not live online. Instead, they will live your private, in-house servers. To collaborate on a document, users would log in through the Filr portal.

With Filr, your employees will gain access to a user-friendly file sharing and collaboration platform that is also ultra-secure.

So don’t wait for a cloud security flaw to derail your company. To learn more about Filr, click here.

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