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Van Genechten improves Europe-wide sales with Riva for SugarCRM


March 9, 2011 11:24 am





Leading packaging supplier, Van Genechten, implemented Riva Integration Server from Omni to improve sales management and to provide bi-directional, server-side synchronization between Sugar, GroupWise and salespeople’s mobile devices. Serving the largest food and non-food brands with packaging solutions, Van Genechten’s sales teams can now access CRM information from GroupWise and their mobile device without any plug-ins required.

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Riva Integration Server for GroupWise


Van Genechten Packaging is Europe’s largest independent folding carton producer. Headquartered in Belgium, Van Genechten consists of ten converting plants, one extrusion site and one automation service company with 1600 employees across Europe. Van Genechten’s mission is to provide its customers with “competitive, perfect & now” packaging solutions. The company converts more than 200,000 tonnes of board and generates net sales of over 300 million Euros.

The Challenge

After implementing SugarCRM in 2009, salespeople quickly began to realize they needed an integration solution that would seamlessly sync Sugar to GroupWise, the company’s email system. Sugar integration was required to provide salespeople with any time, anywhere access to CRM information from GroupWise and mobile devices. The core integration requirements were for the solution to provide seamless, server-side integration of Sugar contacts, calendar items, phone calls and opportunities to GroupWise and leading mobile devices.

The Solution

Van Genechten discovered Riva Integration Server from Omni, a server-side CRM integration solution that reduces the complexity and time involved in delivering CRM integration for desktops and mobile devices spread across a large geographic region. After evaluating Riva, Van Genechten deployed the sync solution for 40 Sugar users.

Now, Van Genechten’s entire sales force can access their Sugar contacts, appointments, calls and opportunities directly from GroupWise or their mobile device. Riva has enabled Van Genechten to respond more quickly and with greater flexibility to customer requests regardless of time, location or device. In addition, Riva provides sales managers with a unified view of the team’s appointments, tasks and opportunities from a single shared calendar in Sugar.

Sales managers and employees have the option to create CRM contacts, appointments and other calendar items in GroupWise, Sugar or on their mobile device. Riva automatically syncs the information up to Sugar, which helps keep the CRM system up to date while still providing flexibility to staff in terms of which application or device they prefer to use for sales collaboration. With Riva, sales management and collaboration have become more transparent and efficient for the entire sales team.

Van Genechten uses Riva to sync the following items to GroupWise and users’ mobile devices:

  • Sugar accounts, contacts and leads
  • Sugar appointments, tasks, calls and meetings
  • Sugar opportunities, cases and quotes

The Results

Van Genechten has streamlined their sales management processes through Riva’s scalable, server-side integration for SugarCRM, GroupWise and mobile devices. Salespeople can now access a single, unified view of Sugar contact, calendar, sales data and email from GroupWise or their mobile device.

“Riva has satisfied all of our SugarCRM and GroupWise integration requirements,” stated Joeri Feyen, Support Engineer at Van Genechten. “We have also been very pleased with the level of support we have received from Omni during the deployment.”

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