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Vibe 4.0.5 is now available!


September 17, 2018 9:23 am





Collaboration means different things to different people. For managers, it’s about increasing productivity and supporting mobility. For teams, it’s about working together on projects, managing and sharing documents, and retaining knowledge. Micro Focus Vibe delivers on both fronts, helping you bring people, projects and processes together in one secure space to enhance productivity—no matter where your teams are or what devices they use.

With Vibe, you can help your people be more productive, individually and as teams. A proven collaboration solution, Vibe gives your teams an easier way to work together. Instead of shifting between applications to collaborate, teams can share all of their information in one secure place that’s easy for mobile users to access. With Vibe, users can collaborate on documents, chat with team members, capture lessons learned, and manage projects, calendars and task lists.

To further enhance this great functionality, we are releasing Vibe 4.0.5!

Vibe 4.0.5 features the following:

Application downloads page redesign and expansion

The Vibe download page for user applications has been redesigned and its scope expanded, as seen in this screenshot:

CSRF protection is now enabled by default

Beginning with version 4.0.5, the Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection that was previously included but not enabled, is enabled by default. This protection might affect customizations such as JSPs, Vibe-targeted external applications, and so on; however, it enhances security.

Edit-In-Place Java Applet replacement

The Edit-in-Place Java applet has been replaced with platform-specific executables that support a new service named “Vibe URI.” This is similar to MS URI functionality, but is not limited to only Windows and MS Office.

File Upload Applet replacement

The File Upload Applet has been replaced with HTML5-based functionality. Multiple-file selection and uploading is supported; however, folder-uploading is not supported.

OpenJDK replaces other Java installations for Vibe

Vibe now includes a customized version of OpenJDK. Installing a separate JDK and JRE is not required, nor is it supported.

Micro Focus KeyView

Oracle Stellent has been replaced by Micro Focus KeyView for HTML-viewing and text-filtering (search indexing) functionality.

Workflow Viewer Applet Replacement

The Workflow Designer applet has been replaced with HTML5-based functionality

SLES 15 Support

To learn more, attend the official release webinar!

Date and time: September 27, 10:00 Mountain / 1600 GMT

Don’t forget…current customers are eligible for a FREE upgrade to Vibe 4.0.5.

For more information about this release and instructions on upgrading, click HERE.

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  1. By:Cgreiner

    where can we download this Version 4.05?
    Thanks for your information

  2. By:Cgreiner

    Can we install the Version 4.05 of Vibe over the actual Version 4.02?

  3. By:cesmad

    It means with Linux (OpenSuse Leap) I wouldnt be able to edit documets???
    Why are you doing this to me?
    I am Novell customer and supporter for years, on Linux close to 20 years…