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Vibe OnPrem 3.1 Beta comes to the Sandbox



May 3, 2011 11:54 am





If you haven’t visited the Novell Vibe OnPrem Virtual Sandbox recently then you don’t know that it is now in beta for Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1. There are some significant improvements to key areas of Vibe that should help any business process.

Task Improvements

It’s easier than ever to change task priority, re-order your task list, and manage your tasks by creating sub-tasks.

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Navigation Improvements

The Recent Places menu now displays your most recently visited places in previous Vibe sessions as well as in your current Vibe session. For more information.

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Folder Columns

Vibe 3.1 enables you to customize folder columns. You can customize the column name, order, size, and so forth.

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Search Improvements

When you perform an advanced search, you can now specify whether you want to search by relevance, date, rating, or reply count. You can have a primary and secondary sort order.

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User Interface Improvements

The user interface for Novell Vibe 3 has been significantly redesigned to facilitate maximum productivity.

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What’s New Page

ou can quickly see what’s new in your teams, tracked places, and more. You can even see what’s new in specific team workspaces, or what’s new from specific people that you’re following.

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Document Management

Novell Vibe 3 provides enhanced document management capabilities.

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Entry History

You can now view the history of an entry in a new, concise view.

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Expanded User Profile

The User Profile section in Novell Vibe 3 has been expanded to rival other professional knowledgebases such as LinkedIn. Now you can include more information to share with your colleagues, such as your education, qualifications, and competencies.

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Wiki Improvements

Novell Vibe 3 offers an improved and more intuitive wiki experience. It’s easier than ever to create new Wiki Topics and pages, organize and retrieve information, and set home pages.

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Advanced User Enhancements

These updates are for advanced users. These improvements include a custom HTML mark-up language, enhanced workflow and landing page elements and many more upgrades.

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You can view all these enchancements on our Virtual Sandbox.

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