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Vibe OnPrem: 7 More How To Videos



June 16, 2011 3:04 pm





The Resource Library has produced 7 more “How To Videos.” This release focuses on Calendar and Task Folders. There are now a total of 43 videos out there to help users gain confidence in using Novell Vibe OnPrem. Help us out by watching and commenting on the videos.

Novell Vibe OnPrem Calendar Features

Use calendar features to navigate your Vibe OnPrem events, appointments, and tasks.

Novell Vibe OnPrem Calendar Filters

Use Novell Vibe OnPrem filters to apply quick searches to your calendar folders. Find out how filters can be used in your Calendar folders.

Importing Calendars in Novell Vibe OnPrem

Learn how to import calendar events into Novell Vibe OnPrem. This video demonstrates importing a calendar from a URL. Published calendars can be quickly imported into your Novell Vibe OnPrem calendar.

Novell Vibe OnPrem Consolidated Calendar

View your assigned events and tasks on a single calendar. Use your Novell Vibe OnPrem personal calendar to view and manage all of your events from calendars and task folders across Vibe.

Create and Assign Tasks in Novell Vibe OnPrem

Tasks can help manage, track, and assign work for you projects and teams. Learn how to create tasks in Novell Vibe OnPrem.

Task Folder View in Novell Vibe OnPrem

This video explains the task view in Novell Vibe OnPrem. Use the feature rich task folder view to quickly order, manage, and modify task for your projects and teams.

Creating Subtasks in Novell Vibe OnPrem

Subtasks are becoming a must in project and task management solutions. Find out how you can use subtasks in Novell Vibe OnPrem.

To view all the videos visit the Resource Library

If you have any questions or ideas for future videos let us know,

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