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Vibe OnPrem: 8 More How To Videos



June 6, 2011 4:49 pm





We’ve added 8 new videos to the How-to Vibe series on the Resource Library. Find out how to:

Upload a File…

A simple way to upload files to Novell Vibe OnPrem. Attach and upload files to Vibe for collaboration, organization, or storage.

Drag and drop in Novell Vibe OnPrem…

There are other ways than browse the explorer to upload files. Learn how you can drag and drop your documents and files directly into Novell Vibe OnPrem.

Attach Documents Anywhere…

Novell Vibe OnPrem gives users versatility when storing files and attachments. Learn how this flexibility can help you and your teams be more productive.

Use File Notes to Keep Versions on Track…

Use document notes to provide descriptions and additional meta data for your documents. Notes can be searched like the entry and attachment itself. Watch the video to see how file notes will help you stay organized.

Version Documents…

This video will teach users to version documents by incrementing Major and Minor versions. Use document versions to manage collaborative editing and document publishing.

Manage Files and Versions…

Novell Vibe OnPrem provides a number of file version options. Learn how to use the File Versions tab in the entry to make the most of versioning in Vibe.

Create Entries…

Learn how to create, organize, and manage content through he use of Entries. This video introduces users to Vibe entries, giving a platform for creating content that is easy to manage and reference.

Post to Your Micro-Blog…

Novell Vibe OnPrem micro blog provides users a platform to post quick news and items of interest. Similar to a Facebook status and Twitter post, the micro-blog lets users stay connected and informed.

Watch these and other videos on the Resource Library.

Let us know what videos you would like to see in the future,

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