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Vibe OnPrem: Advanced Branding with External Style Sheets



July 5, 2011 10:19 am





This is the third installment of our series of Advanced Branding with Novell Vibe OnPrem. This article will walk administrators through the process of adding a style sheet to the Vibe server and then adding the custom HTML to the branding area. This will result in branding navigation similar to any website while alleviating the anxiety of end users using javascript.

To read this article visit the Vibe Resource Library

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:mcurrie

    Link to branding_menu.html is broken

  2. By:mcurrie

    Hey Teaming crew, great article, just what I need at just the right time. I just wanted to confirm what I have gleaned from the article. I have my own drop menus with related css/html/javascript, I am thinking that by using the same methods as suggested in the article, that using my own css and html should just be a matter of substitution, ie pasting my css into the GwtTeaming.css and my html/javascript menu into Folder>Brand Folder>Advanced>HTML. The key to most of the trick to doing it seems to be putting the CSS into the gwtteaming.css template, so it can referenced from the branding area, would that be about correct?

    • By:Teaming_Library

      Correct. When you insert your html just reference your css file by using the class that goes with that tag and it should work.

  3. By:Teaming_Library

    The link for the html file is not currently working. This link will provide a zip file with both files inside.
    -Vibe Resource Library

  4. By:mcurrie

    Hey Library team, thanks again for the excellent post on including branding using external style sheets. One question that I was not able to glean from the article or branding_area source files. I have some cool javascript/css drop menus that I would like to deploy, but I notice the branding_menu.html basically uses html and not javascript. For my javascript drop menus to work, they obviously have their own javascript function definitions which are then called from the html code. My question is where would I locate the javascript definitions, would that be defined inline in the branding html, included via an include definition or pasted into somewhere else where they can be called from?
    Thanks, Mark Currie

  5. By:mcurrie

    I have tried implementing as described, and found that the gwtteaming.css file is not located in the directory indicated in the article. I found it in ….\apache-tomcat\webapps\ssf\static\17-06-2011-1218\js\gwt\gwtteaming. I edited the file as described, restarted Vibe, patched the branding_area html in the html editor for a landing page branding area. I then get just plain HTML in the branding area without any of the CSS.Is there something stange in my configuration or has something in vibe 3.1 changed? I did find the gwtteaming.css in the correct location in a backup I have of the site (Vibe 3.0) prior to upgrading to 3.1.

    • By:Teaming_Library

      The article was written using Vibe OnPrem 3.0. So in 3.1 the directory changed a little. This morning we updated one of our demo installations from 3.0 to 3.1 and went through the article.We edited gwtteaming from its new location and we were successfully able to obtain the branding from the article. When we updated it erased the branding_menu.css addtion to the gwtteaming.css file. We would double check gwtteaming.css and make sure it has the additional css. If you have any additional problems let us know here or by email at

  6. By:mcando

    I can’t find this article in the Resource Library, is it still available?
    Can you point me to the correct link?

  7. By:Rimser

    I agree to mcando. The Resource Library lacks attention. If I compare the “new spot” for the resource library to what we had before …