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Vibe OnPrem: Advanced Branding with Inline Styles



May 23, 2011 10:45 am





Recently we released an article entitled,”Creating a Brand  for a Folder or Workspace,” an article meant to be a simple introduction to branding. That article did not show all the possibilities of Vibe OnPrem's branding area. Have you ever wanted to add links or any other custom attributes to your branding area? In this article we'll show users and admins how to introduce HTML and inline styles to really make the most of your branding areas.

To see an example of what will be covered in this article, visit our Virtual Sandbox.
There are two files attached to this article: simple.html and inline.html. These files correspond to the different processes of branding creation. The “simple.html” file is a table with five links in it. This example is meant for everyday users who just want a little more functionality. The “inline.html” file is similar to the “simple” example but it adds some inline events that spruce up the look of the links and how they function. This example is for administrators and trusted users of the admin since they will be able to add javascript.

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  1. By:mcurrie

    The article mentions a third installment of how to include custom javascript code that could be called in the branding area via uploading the script files etc. Could you please get that article out ASAP as I have a client that really wants the cool javascript mouseover dropdown menus that I have, along with the associated css to be included in the branding area, but I have not quite mastered this stuff yet so the assistance of the article would be great.

    • By:Teaming_Library

      It’s in the works. We have been busy with the “How to Videos” and Project Management Template, but we will put more resources on that article and get it out as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback.
      Resource Library