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Vibe OnPrem: Project Management Template Workspace



June 28, 2011 2:37 pm





The Project Management Template comes with 7 folders:

  1. Projects – This is a custom task folder. This folder has 2 custom entry types. These entry types are Projects and Project Status Report. Projects can be created and assigned just like a task but this workflow follows a traditional approach to project management methodology. This is an updated Projects Form. There has been a "Project Links" area added to the form. After project managers create the project they can set up a Project Forum, Project Meeting Minutes and Project Definition File entries to go along with the project. These entries all have permalinks that can be added to the Projects form to centralize data.
  2. Forum – This discussion folder can be used as a forum to allow the project team to communicate asynchronously with each other. Team members can also receive email notifications whenever there is an update to the folder or even a specific entry.
  3. Project Blog – This is a blog that is posted to the landing page. Project Managers can post any important updates to the this folder. The landing page has been customized to show the most recent post from this blog folder. Team members can also receive email notifications for any updates to this folder.
  4. Project Calendar – This folder is used to set-up meetings and other important events related to the project.
  5. Project Definition Files – This is a files folder that contains the Project Definition Documents.
  6. Project Meeting Minutes – This custom form allows one entry to hold minutes from all meetings focused on the project.
  7. Status Report – The Status Report form is intended to be used as a comment type on Project entries. Use this report in order to get updates before the meeting so time is not wasted in meetings getting team members updates.

This workspace has been configured as a Team Workspace. This allows a landing page element along with folder links and accessories. The calendar accessory is helpful to add to the landing page as it will show calendar events and task dates. Simply add it your workspace landing page and choose the folders you want reflected in the calendar.

It is advisable to create a certain convention when it comes to naming projects and all their associated entries. In this template everything is named with Example Project and then what kind of content it is (ie Discussion, Meeting, Task, etc). This makes it easier to manage multiple projects within this workspace and content will be easily searchable and accessible.

This Project Management Template is meant to help guide users in their project management processes, not be end all solution for project management. This template can be customized to fit users needs. Users can remove irrelevant parts of this template if it doesn’t match their project management process. Once this workspace is imported and in use the entries and folder descriptions that came with the workspace can be removed.

To view this working template visit the Virtual Sandbox

To download and view this workspace visit the Vibe Resource Library

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