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October 21, 2011 1:59 pm





The Resource Library has added a new set of videos about Workflows. Have you ever experienced the frustration getting stuck in a project and not knowing the next steps or how to control how something moves along in the correct process? Workflows are designed to help you define your projects from beginning to end by designating a start and finish and controlling how the business activity moves through the process.

What is a Novell Vibe Workflow?:

Novell Vibe workflows are a tool included in the product to help administrators, managers, and users streamline and automate common processes. Some of those processes may be business processes like a proposal approval, document revision, change request, time card, etc. Vibe workflows can be designed an implimented to fill a number of important organizational rolls like mailing/distrobution list, document lifecycle, event reminders, etc. All of this functionality is available out of the box. This and other videos will help you to form the pieces of these processes.


Create a Custom Vibe Workflow

Here we lay the groundwork for the workflow process. Learn how to create a new workflow in your workspace. These videos show one step at a time. Watch additional videos to see your workflow come together.


Novell Vibe Workflow States:

In this video we show you how to designate a responder to a workflow question. It will also tell you control how the respondent answers the question either manually or programmatically.


Novell Vibe Workflow Edit Workflow Layout:

This video explains how users can adjust and save how states and transitions are displayed in the workflow using the Form/View Designer in Novell Vibe.


Novell Vibe Workflow Manual Transition:

This video teaches you how to add a manual transition to your Novell Vibe Workflow process.


Novell Vibe Workflow Manual Transition Access Controls:

This video demonstrates how to limit access to a workflow manual transition in Novell Vibe.


Novell Vibe Workflow Transition – Workflow Question:

This video shows you how to take advantage of a powerful tool in business process functionality. Workflow questions can help you present a question and then choose how each response will affect how the workflow transitions from state to state throughout the process.


Novell Vibe Workflow Questions Responders:

This video teaches you how to designate which user or users can respond to a workflow question. With Novell Vibe you can limit the ability to access specific questions both manually and programmatically.


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