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Virtualizing GroupWise 2012 with ZENworks Application Virtualization 9.0


February 22, 2012 8:49 am





Last month Novell released ZENworks Application Virtualization (ZAV) 9.0. In my last blog post I explained that the high-level focus areas for the release were as follows:

  • New automated packaging techniques
  • Online template library
  • Improved security features
  • Improved streaming features
  • Today, I want to focus on Novell’s Online template library. In ZAV 9.0, the template list and Desktop Scan matching service are hosted via an online Web Service, this allows the template list and scanning service to be constantly refined and updated. Each time the template list is accessed, the template library is checked online for updates and the template list is updated accordingly. So why am I repeating myself?

    GroupWise 2012

    For the last few weeks, we have been trialing a virtual version of GroupWise 2012 client. Now that we are happy that the template works well, this template has now been published to our online repository. In short, this means that all ZAV 9.0 users can select GroupWise 2012 from a self-updating list and virtualize the email client following these steps:

    1. Open ZAV Studio
    2. Click ‘Build a virtual application from a template’
    3. Select Novell GroupWise Client 2012 template, click next
    4. Wait for ZAV Studio to download the application content
    5. Choose sandbox location, click next
    6. Select Output location for GroupWise 2012 client
    7. Click Finish

    So in under 10 mouse clicks you can have a virtual GroupWise 2012 client. No other vendor makes application virtualization as easy as this. Note, GroupWise 2012 does not have to be installed for this process to work.


    Registering GroupWise to the MAILTO protocol

    If you want to manage the installation of virtual GroupWise along with desktop shortcuts and registration of the MAILTO: protocol then virtual GroupWise can be registered to an endpoint using the spoonreg tool. Simply running spoonreg.exe [Virtual GroupWise Client.exe] will generate the desktop and start menu items specified in the virtual application definition for items such as Address Book and Notify, the registration process will also register MAILTO to the virtual copy of GroupWise allowing you to right-click on a file and select Mailto Recipient.

    In addition to GroupWise 2012 this week, Google Chrome 17 and Mozilla Firefox 10 templates were also added to the online repository last week. Novell will continue to grow this list. As ever, please let me know where we should focus our efforts. Enjoy!

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  1. By:jserena

    It’s posiible to change the language of the Groupwise Client?

    • By:aphilp

      Today the template only provides GroupWise 2012 Client in English. If you wish to package GroupWise in a different language, the snapshot method can be used to achieve this by capturing the installation changes.

  2. By:dhorsfall

    I built the GW 2012 client (not SP1) using the GW template from ZAV
    901. I spoonreg it. When I run it I get an error box containing the message
    “GroupWise is not properly installed. The Attachment control component
    could not be initialized.”

    When I hit OK to this I get “Attachment control interface version does
    not match!”

    This is built on an XP SP3 VM on ESX5. It’s a clean base with nothing
    installed but ZAV.

    Any ideas?



  3. By:jfeyen


    I created a ZAV using a template (GroupWise 2012 SP1).
    PDF attachments are not working. Adobe Reader X is giving a protected mode error.
    How can i fix this?