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Vista and ZENworks – Workstation Import


June 5, 2006 2:21 pm





Sorry, I’ve been gone a while. Very busy in the UK and not getting as much time as I would like to experiment.

In my ongoing quest to see what can and can’t be done TODAY with ZENworks 7 and Vista I have some more news to report. It’s a rocky road at the I’m afraid – but then Vista hasn’t even hit a proper public BETA so we wouldn’t expect too much more yet would we?

My first finding isn’t good. In short workstation import doesn’t work. Now, what I’d really like is for someone to jump up and down on me with a comment here to say that they have it working but I tried everything I could think of and it just fails. Firewall on, firewall off, command line, registry and manually entered into eDirectory: It still fails.
So, if anyone out there can correct me I’d appreciate it. But for now we must wait… until my next post!

Edit: As the guys say in the comments – it IS planned for ZENworks to support Vista, my articles are just to help out those of you out there who want to play :o)

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  1. Just to note – support for Vista is planned for ZENworks 7 Suite in early 2007 – soon after Microsoft release Vista to the public.

  2. By:Chris in the UK

    Almost related, but do you have a date for ZDM7 SP1 yet?

  3. Chris – we are going through the final closed beta right now for ZENworks 7 SP1. Look for this soon.

  4. By:Grant

    Who do I have to bribe/blackmail/threaten/cajole to get on the ZENworks beta team? I’ve applied several times (ok, twice) and the silence is deafening. I’m having problems (minor) with the Zen7 agent and I would LOVE to try a beta of SP1 to see if these are fixed or I need to open an incident.

  5. Grant – to be honest – open an incident.

    Keep applying to the beta programs though – they are heavily oversubscribed – so we try to take a representative sample of customers.

    The best way to get accepted is to show you have time to work with the beta product and to give really good feedback. Maybe starting with one of the public beta programs would be a start.