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Vista – the first thirty (something) days – update



December 24, 2006 3:53 pm





I wrote about Vista – since then I have had a flood of emails – I’ll try and answer them here:
Firstly – VMware Workstation 6 is in beta.

My friends at VMware let me know about that and got me on the beta. So far it’s looking great with Vista as a host – and there are slew of new features.

Secondly – many people asked ‘is it worth the switch from XP?’

Difficult question. If you have a burning need for x86_64 support, or if you have pretty good hardware and a good end-user training program – then a qualified ‘maybe’.

Thirdly – I’ve been asked about ZENworks and the Novell Client.

Good news. The next version of ZENworks will be in beta in January – that will support Vista.

The second piece of news – and I have the scoop here – is that Jason Williams let me know that the Vista Client will be available as a technology preview in January with release in mid-2007.

I’ll be working on some ZENworks Pulsar posts over the break – so see you then.

Happy Christmas and here’s looking forward to a great 2007.

Written at: Draper, Utah

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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    NetWare client for Vista, mid-2007?!?

    Guys, can we uhmm put one or two mor engineers on this? Its gonna ht the channel LONG before then.

  2. > The next version of ZENworks will be in beta in January – that will support Vista.

    Will it also support XP?

    Rolf Lidvall
    Swedish Radio (Ltd)

  3. Rolf

    Yes it will support XP.

    I’ll be posting a lot on the next version of ZENworks in the coming weeks and months.

  4. Thanks, I’ll be watching this space.

    Rolf Lidvall
    Swedish Radio (Ltd)

  5. Rolf

    I also posted about the ZENworks Beta program – you might be interested.

  6. By:Ron van Herk

    Well, the preview will be out in January so you can start testing.

    If you want to know more about the Vista Client, listen to the Novell Client Update on Open Audio

  7. The software virtualization functionality it supposedly has would be compelling for my environment.

  8. Grant

    The UAC features include some registry and file system redirects; it helps with getting badly behaved apps to install and run without requiring administrative privileges – but what I’m seeing is that most customers are re-validating all applications and waiting for ‘better behaved’ versions that run nicely on vista.

  9. By:RST

    Vista doesn’t worth at all. Use novel enterprise desktop instead.

  10. An interesting troll my friend.

    Please take care to read our post and comments guidelines; also take care with your spelling of Novell.

    As for your comment itself; it doesn’t really merit a response (see above).

  11. By:Jeremy Mlazovsky

    I have Vista Enterprise 32-bit RTM running as my host with VMWare Workstation 6 beta. I have a virtual machine running XP+SP2 with Client32 4.91+SP2 and ZEN 6.5 SP2 agent.

    Have you noticed that NAL refreshes take literally HOURS?

  12. Jeremy

    NAL on Vista? Not supported 🙂 That’s why it might well not work.

  13. ZFDAgent support for Vista

    We all (maybe) now the next version of ZENworks for Desktops will be totally different from the current versions and that the next version will have Vista support. Differences like no more NetWare support, but only Linux and Window server. In the past adding new desktop platform support in the next version of ZENWorks was not realy a problem, since an upgrade could be done and all existing configuration was kept with backwards compatibility. So, the need for migrating to the new version may bring some (of my) customers in a difficult position when currently runing ZFD7 and needing/wanting to deploy Vista. As I see it, it will not be possible to run Vista in the existing ZENworks infrastructure. This forces customer to migrate everything first to the new ZENWorks version including a possible server migration or addition for ZENWorks.

    As I can see and fully agree with you the new version of ZENWorks has manny more possiblities and eases deployment in any environment, I also do feel there should be a perion where the current ZENworks 7 need to exist between the ‘next generation’ ZENworks for those still running NetWare. I think a lot of those running NetWare today will, in case of the migration need to 64 bit hardware, migrate to the Virtual NetWare version on OES2 and will still be running ZFD7.

    So, my opinion is that there should be a ZFDAgent for Vista for ZENWorks 7 for those who can not (or want to) deploy the new ZENWorks version yet for at least the next 24 months.

    A few of us, for example, also use the Engl Imaging Toolkit. I know this will just not work with Vista today out of the box in it’s current state and probably need to rewrite a lot of stuff to get it working with Vista. But also, if I look to my customers, I see that they do order desktops and laptops which will come with Vista and which cannot be used in the existing environment without -migration-.

    I understand the difficulty from the Novell point of view, with creating and supporting a seperate ZFDAgent for Vista. On the other hand I think having a more flexible upgrade and migration path will show customers the advantages of the new version of ZENWorks in combination with using Linux server in those 24 months.