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Want to Protect Your Remote PC Endpoints? Focus on Securing Your Data

Gil Cattelain


July 31, 2014 12:31 pm





Each remote endpoint in your enterprise, whether it is a laptop or desktop computer, is like a virtual door that leads directly to your organization’s data. When left unsecured through lackadaisical endpoint management policies, these endpoints can pose a major security threat to your organization. Each unsecured machine could be the potential source of a data breach.

This is especially troubling when considering that 31 percent of full-time employees do the majority of their work at an off-site location such as a home office or business center. Without a strict endpoint management policy and the ability to control what data and applications can be downloaded, as well as what ports can be used on a specific machine, IT managers are left powerless as employees mix personal and private information together over a single operating system.

Novell’s ZENworks Endpoint Security Management system is one platform that gives IT managers the ability to control remote end-user devices from a single Web-based console. Here are some of the benefits that ZENworks provides:

  • USB security: Prevents sensitive information from being extracted onto USB drives, and protects malicious code from entering your network via portable media.
  • Data encryption: Fixed “safe harbor” encryption keeps data protected in hidden folders and portable storage devices.
  • Location-aware digital policies: Security settings can be automatically raised or lowered depending on a worker’s environment. For instance, if a worker attempts to connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop, the device can be placed on high alert to better safeguard data.

Click here to learn more about how Novell’s ZENworks Endpoint Security Management system can help keep your corporate data safe.

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