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June 9, 2009 3:10 am





Yesterday during the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco everyone was expecting big announcements. Not least was the (hope) of an announcement around the release of new firmware for the iPhone – V3.0.

This didn’t happen. HOWEVER I watched the conference keynote using Twitter updates and in ONE HOUR there were over 147,000 comments made about the keynote. This truly is the power if Web 2.0.

Facebook carries the same kind of power (although in this case lesser numbers). We started a group on Facebook a couple of weeks back for ‘Fans of ZENworks Configuration Management’. Initially the take-up was slow, but then suddenely we quadrupled the membership overnight. From 68 – 220 members (well, it’s near enough 4x).

Because of this we have decided to begin a full new page on Facebook for ZENworks Configuration Management. This will be run and moderated by the Outbound Product Management team; it will include blogs, updates, links, comments and general things of interest.

The link is here:

Please come along and see us.

Oh, and we also plan to create a ZENworks specific twitter updater. Watch this space.

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